Exodus Viewer Delayed

I hadn’t seen any new posts from the Exodus viewer. Taking a look at the Exodus blog I find that Ayamo Nozaki, the lead developer, had a hardware failure. Ayamo’s video card, an nVidia GTX 470, died. Until Ayamo can afford a new one, development is delayed.

If you want to help out, visit the blog: ExodusViewer.com. At the bottom of the post is a place to donate toward a new card for Ayamo. GTX 470’s go for US$150 to $250. A GTX 570 goes for US$240 to $350.

2 thoughts on “Exodus Viewer Delayed

  1. When you waiting for Exodus there is a new viwer to explore – Milkshake.
    You can see the viewer in “action” at:

    Nal’s Editor Note: I know nothing about this viewer, yet. It is not listed in TPV Directory. Let me know if you are using it.

  2. Regarding Editor Note:
    Yes, i have made a test of the Milkshake viewer and there is some feature that i haven´t seen before. One thing is the offset slider at the top where you can adjust the z-position of your avatar. The “draw distance” slider is easier to handle because it´s bigger. The viewer have some functions for blacklisting of texture, sculpties and more. There is some “odd things” too, like the witchcraft function ?

    Milkshake seems to be more like a modified Dolphin viewer rather than a total new viewer.

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