#SL Mesh UG Changes

I see that Charlar Linden, the facilitator for the Mesh Upload group, has broadened the focus of the UG (user group). The more official name is Content Creation/Mesh Upload User Group. The group meets Mondays at noon (PST/SLT) in Borrowdale, Nyx Lindens place. Check the group’s wiki page for meeting time and location changes. I expect this location and time will be good for some time to come.

The wiki page contains the meeting agenda. Residents can add items to the agenda by logging in and editing the wiki page. The agenda is 99% plain text, so it is easy to edit.

The post is also somewhat an official announcement that the Mesh Project has shifted from development to maintenance mode. I suppose that is some type of milestone.

The post appears to be worded to generate conversation on what the group should be focused on. As there has been less to discuss about Mesh it is becoming obvious that time is available for other topics. You can join the conversation here: Mesh UserGroup expanding to cover wider Content Creation agenda – input needed.

In a Linden world where Lindens are spending less time engaged with residents this is a great opportunity to get quick answers to content creation questions. I do want to point out to readers that it is not the intention to create a how to secession. Remember. The Lindens are programmers not content creators. When they don’t answer how-to questions it is usually because they simply don’t know. But, they are good at answering why things work as they do. They are also interested in things that will make SL a better creative tool.

This is an excellent forum for discussing problems with the SL system that limits your creative efforts. It is also an excellent forum to get information about how features were intended to be used. Also, one will often hear early information on projects as they move into production.

Please add your input to the forum discussion.

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