#SL Server News Week 50

I’ll do this update and another later in the week. We have some good news and some bad news.

First, the good. It seems the kernel (3.0) upgrade is working and roll has reached 20% of the grid. We may see that roll out increasing its pace. It does mean a region restart so many regions will be seeing 2 restarts today and some tomorrow. Others will be seeing an additional restart later in the week.

FBS Dagger's Large Airplane

Second, the Le Tigre region was rolled to the main channel. (Release Notes) Some people are reporting teleporter device problems. It seems to be associated with posJump(vector target_pos). However some people are having problems and others are not.

A few are saying SVC-7265PosJump breaks if object-entry is disabled is worse.

Whatever the case, it looks like a new function llSetRegionPos() may be the fix and replacement for posJump() and posWarp(). It looks like the new function will be for in-region movement only.Of course the solution to that would be to llSetRegionPos() up to a region boundary then use llSetPos() to cross. One could then continue on with llSetRegionPos().

The Lindens agree that avoiding the work-around is desirable. So, including region crossing ability is desirable from the Lindens’ viewpoint. But, getting the function working in the simple form first is most likely.

Also, the Havok update seems to be causing some unsit to orbit incidents. They are rare. Also, the problem cannot be reliably reproduced.

There is a vehicle project in progress to fix region crossings for vehicles. The timeline is unknown. I suppose we can expect it to be months away.

If you are suddenly having problems and nothing has changed, see Deploys for the week of 2011-12-13.

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