#SL Server News Week 41

This meeting of the Beta Server Group was Oskar Linden’s 100th office hour/user group meeting. Lots of fireworks. Oskar started dealing with server QA two years ago. At that time there was a server roll out every quarter. Oskar feels most things have changed for the better. Post a congrat in his FEED.

Server Beta 10/13

Main Channel

Tuesday the Fast Scripts update rolled to the main grid. The upgrade improves the performance of a number of script functions. The functions improved are those that do NOT change the properties of objects, so mostly llGet…() functions.

The update includes a number of bug fixes. In the mix is a fix for SVC-7319 – Mesh vehicles cannot cross simborders and a fix for the World Map Search. Those people that are estate limited had problems. The estate limited are teens, AFAIK.

Also fixed are problems that crashed servers.

Critical OS Upgrade

This upgrade is proceeding and will run into next week. The process has hit a couple of minor snags. One of the infrastructure boxes went down and hung the upgrade process for a couple of hours Tuesday morning.

These upgrades are happening at various times of day now. Wednesday’s updates started at 9:45 AM PDT, shortly after the release channel restarts completed. A setting in the Linux update caused a problem discussed later and forced an additional round of restarts.


Havok 2011.2 is in testing. Vincent Nacon found a problem Havok has with vehicles that use banking.  A JIRA will get filed under PHYSICS since it has to do with the Havok upgrade.

Blue Steel

This channel did not update until Thursday. The QA peeps needed more time. It now is running upgraded code that was previously on Magnum. The upgrades are mostly changes to permissions and server configuration. However, there is a new LSL function:


  • integer llManageEstateAccess(integer action, key id)
  • Use to add or remove agents from the estate’s agent access or ban lists or groups from the estate’s group access list.
  • Only works for objects owned by the Estate Owner or an Estate Manager.
  • Calls are throttled at a rate of 30 calls per 30 seconds.
  • Returns TRUE is action is sent to the database.
  • Returns FALSE if throttled, invalid action, invalid or null id or object owner is not allowed to manage the estate.

[2011/10/13 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Actions for llManageEstateAccess:

 ESTATE_ACCESS_ALLOWED_AGENT_ADD: Add the agent to this estate’s Allowed Residents list.

 ESTATE_ACCESS_ALLOWED_AGENT_REMOVE: Remove the agent from this estate’s Allowed Residents list.

 ESTATE_ACCESS_ALLOWED_GROUP_ADD: Add the group to this estate’s Allowed groups list.

 ESTATE_ACCESS_ALLOWED_GROUP_REMOVE: Remove the group from this estate’s Allowed groups list.

 ESTATE_ACCESS_BANNED_AGENT_ADD: Add the agent to this estate’s Banned residents list.

 ESTATE_ACCESS_BANNED_AGENT_REMOVE: Remove the agent from this estate’s Banned residents list.


Maestro said, “It’s about the same as adding an estate ban via the viewer. The function doesn’t support [checking] to see if they’re [banded person]already there. But nothing bad happens if you try to ban an avatar who’s already banned or unban an avatar who isnt’ banned, etc.

This does not work region to region, only within a region.

Le Tigre

This channel will keep the current upgrade and be updated with the new inventory services. Those with viewers using viewers based on 2.5.1 code or newer will see improvement in inventory processes while in regions in the channel.

Included in the services is Direct Delivery. It is thought that this will improve the reliability of item delivery of Market Place purchases.


This channel is running another server maintenance package with bug and crash fixes.

  • SCR-186 Collision detection does not work for some chilren of linked prim set
  • SVC-7251 remove automatic logout of agents that have been Away too long
  • SVC-7260 Phantom, unremovable prims
  • SVC-7297 ‘excessive instant message’ throttle kicks in when it shouldn’t
  • SCR-115 State changes considerably slower under Mono-LSL than LSO-LSL
  • SCR-22 “X-SecondLife-Owner-Name” sometimes set to ‘(waiting)’ instead of owner name
  • SVC-7321 llRemoteLoadScriptPin() fails to add O:VMCT script to O:PERM_ALL worn attachment
  • SVC-7289 llCastRay() returns RCERR_CAST_TIME_EXCEEDED on small parcels
  • SVC-7294 The simulator is too strict when llGiveInventory() adds restricted-permission items to fullperm attachments which already contained other restricted-permission items
  • SVC-7339 Performance issues on LeTigre (and Main Channel)

Mæstro Linden is pretty sure that the “giving inventory to attachments” bugs are fixed now. The fix is in the new Magnum roll.

llCastRay() has been re-tweaked as of Thursday.

Ban height issue has run into policy problems. There are different ideas of how the ban should behave. The problem has been bumped upstairs for a decision.

SVC-7354 – Simulator fails to load note card asset (Intan won't read config card). After getting enough cases of note cards with the problem they found the sims’ local asset cache was being pruned prematurely. That caused note cards, landmarks, and other assets to be unexpectedly ‘missing’. The fix is already deployed.

The Lindens tracked the problem to a subtle change in Linux Kernel Parameters that came with the upgrade to fix the ‘TimeWarp’ problem.


Mæstro has made it through his backlog. The triage initial pass is complete. Now he is starting through for a second path and looking at issues from 2008. Actually, that is pretty impressive.

Summing Up

Lots of fixes were made this week. The note card fail was unexpected but quickly fixed. Things are moving forward.

Oskar’s 100th meeting is an impressive Linden milestone. Congratulations and thanks Oskar.

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