Consumers’ Guide to Mesh Clothes

Tateru Nino of Dwell On It linked to Satiated Desires’ post, A consumer’s guide to Second Life mesh.  This is a must read for Second Life resident considering buying mesh clothes. No tech or geek, just the stuff you want to know.

If you think I’m geeky when explaining mesh, check out Satiated Desires. Satiated explains things in plain English.

I did notice one inaccuracy. When one rezzes mesh for the first time one cannot be sure the creator understood how many prims the object actually costs. Everyone is learning. Also, if you scale it up or down, you can increase the Land Impact cost. This can trigger things to return when its Land Impact cost exceeds the land’s limit.

Satiated says this could cause part of your home to be returned. Until recently the things returned were unpredictable. The Lindens have been working on that. Now the most recently changed thing should be returned. In most cases that will be the mesh object you just rezzed.


4 thoughts on “Consumers’ Guide to Mesh Clothes

  1. Thanks for the info. I had heard they were working on it but hadn’t realised they’d introduced it to production. Certainly earlier this year I rezzed something in one of my shops and blew the prim limit and it returned half my shop building rather than the object rezzed. My happiness was not high that day.

    If it’s definitely been released then I’ll update the post but if not I’ll keep scaring people with that warning – better they be a little over cautious rather than having to rebuild whatever gets returned.

    • They say it was rolled to the main channel some time ago. But, I haven’t been where I could test whether it actually works.

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