Phoenix Viewer Hour Week 38

A new Phoenix Hour has come and gone. Here is my index of the video.

The video is here: The Phoenix Hour – Sept. 20, 2011

Phoenix Hour

00:00 is zero minutes and seconds.

01:30 – Introductions end. Vacations for the Firestorm-Phoenix (FS/PH) Team are over now that holidays are past. So, work should progress faster.

02:00 – FS has some render problems. The problems are in the Linden code. Once the Lab fixes their GPU problems the team plans a new FS release ASAP. In the mean time effort are under way for Windlight problem. Windlight settings are reverting to defaults on teleport and relog. The contacts list has been displaying two columns of names, display and login. That is a bug.  Spell check will be in the next release.

03:15 – The Inventory panel has a really annoying problem. You see it when working in the inventory panel/window. The list suddenly jumps to the top entry. The team has set that as a high priority and hopes to have it fixed in the next release. Hope is the keyword.

03:30 – The team is setting as priorities the things people have listed as stopping them from adopting FS. There are a bunch of these problems that need to be fixed, like getting all the dialogs, pop ups, and toasts to the upper right in the V1 emulation mode.

04:50 – The Builder Tool’s ruler is fixed. Text search in note cards works now. Phoenix is fixed so the right-mouse-button hold and scroll wheel zoom in and out like when pressing Ctrl-8 and 9. Try it in mouse-look view. AO fixes have been made and more are being worked on.

06:10 – Web Profiles – The team took the stance that FS/PH would not adopt web profiles. They decided such because PH users said they did not want web profiles. Now more and more people using FS/PH in large numbers are requesting them. So, web profiles will be an option in the FS viewer. If one selects the logon in V1 mode they will be off. Logging on in V2 or V3 mode will turn them on. Or you can select your choice in Preferences.

08:00 – Phoenix will have a similar option for web profiles.

09:00 – Phoenix and Mesh – Jessica essentially repeats the blog post on the Phoenix Viewer blog. (Reference – after a time you will have to scroll for the article. The FS/PH blog lacks perma-links – AFAIK.)

18:15 – Phoenix with mesh will require your CPU to support SSE2. However, they will release a version of PH that does not support mesh and will not require SSE2. This will be the last PH release that can be used without SSE2. (See a little program named CPU-Z to find out what your CPU supports.)

20:20 – RLVa will be updated in the coming release.  The PH release is dependent on getting the RLVa through QA and getting the GPU fixes from LL integrated into the mesh version of PH.

22:25 – Mesh Upload – Will not be in the next release, possibly the one after. It is being worked on and does work to a degree. Still some mesh fails to upload correctly.  It is unknown if this feature will work in PH. (LL is working to change their side of code repository and the Collada upload calls to make this easier for TPV Dev’s to implement.)

24:00 – Discussion of the GPU problems starts. The video does not show the URL’s Jessica talks about. She points people to a page listing the viewer issues from LL affecting FS. I think it is this one:  Hot LL JIRA Issues Of The Day. These are issues that the FS/PH team will probably not fix. They will wait on LL. Before reporting a bug, please check this list.

26:00 – Ends news from Jessica

26:30 to  28:40 – Commercial

29:00 – Discussion on work to make mesh capability for V1. This is mostly a rehash of the blog post. See link above.

39:00 – Speculation on Linden Lab intentions and directions for viewers.

41:30 – Open to Q&A

Asks about changes in Build Tools – will there be changes to the FS build menu (panel/dialog)? The current FS build panel is Linden Lab’s. As time passes the build panel will change to something that is more of a hybrid between the former Phoenix and the current SL Viewer and the enhancements the FS/PH team will add. The functionality of the PH Build Tool will come to FS.

42:30 – Will RLVa be updated in both the mesh and non-mesh Phoenix versions? Yes, RLVa will update in both. The only difference between the PH mesh and non-mesh versions will be mesh and its requirement for SSE2.

43:00 – Will FS use labels as well as icons for the menu buttons? No. The problem is there is simply not enough room. Especially for those with small screens. They have provided Hover Tips for the buttons.

46:00 – Will PH-Mesh get the AO from FS? No. The more they work on PH the less time they have for FS.

47:00 – 83,000 Firestorm users. (If one has voted in Hamlet’s New World Notes poll on use of mesh viewers and noticed the number of people using mesh cable viewers this number makes for some interesting numbers. It is speculation that should include the demographics for NWN.)

47:40 – What about the OpenGL issue that prevents people from logging in? It is an LL issue. The problem was a byproduct of fixing a crash issue. A work-around is to change the GOU table in FS. Replace the current one with an older one. Also, nVidia users can roll back to driver version 260.99. (Some solve the problem by turning off AA – antialiasing before logging in.) People with nVidia 400 and better video cards are likely to run into the problem. (See: nVidia Driver GTX 460 Problems)

50:00 – What is SSE2? Answer: Google SSE2. It is too complex to explain in time available. (Wikipedia SSE2)

51:50 – Asked about whether search and replace for note cards is coming back? Yes. Will be in next release.

52:30 – When will script talk-back get fixed? This is about getting no feedback when stopping and starting scripts via the top menu’s start and stop. Jessica will add a JIRA for the issue. They hope to add a menu option to remove scripts from an object too. (It seems some of the scripts that remove sizing and coloring scripts leave a few scripts behind. This would be a nice power user feature.)

53:00 – Search is flaky. Will that be fixed? Answer: Ask Linden Lab.

On a related note: SLPLUGIN.exe is used by search to connect to the web. It often triggers a false positive in anti-virus programs. Some anti-virus programs remove the file silently. The result is a viewer that cannot do search. The search window remains blank, either white or black. (Reference)



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