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I’m not big on cars and vehicles in Second Life. I can fly! There is no extra cost for taking my inventory with me. So, I’ve never seen the point of cars and planes. I do think jetskis are fun. But, for those that like cars and bikes Governor Linden has made roads. I recently saw the SL Wiki getting updates about the roads. There are new road maps in the Wiki.

Second Life Road Network Directory

The main page of the directory is titled: Second Life Road Network Directory.

Second Life

Heteroccera Atoll Roads and Railway

There are currently 10 continents with roads. On some the Governor has decreed the right-of-way and space is reserved for roads. There is a Linden Department of Public Works (LDWP) that builds various shared facilities in Second Life’s mainland. Helping the department are residents. If you are interested, contact the ‘Moles’ for how you can join in. Visit the Wiki to get names.

Residents helping LL build the mainland are called Moles. The wiki explains why. It has something to do with old SL graffiti about ‘Beware the Mole people’. These are paid positions for experienced builds, scripter’s, and artists.

You can find the projects they are working on in the LDPW Projects page. A couple of cities are under construction; Bay City and Nautilus. There is a forum section for Bay City in the SL Forum. Of course there are parks. There is the railroad. There is the highway and roads project.

Bay City Wall Map - Animated

Bay City is an art-deco urban environment. Lots there have double prim allotment. There is a bowling alley, mental hospital (certainly needed by most residents), Café Deco, Bayjou Theater – running machinima, City Fairgrounds, boating in Gulf of Lauren, and other resident created content. So, they are a busy little group.

The regions are mostly deserted, but they are incredible places to explore. Rental rates there are great, L$60 to $75/week for places with 50 prims, which is less than L$1 per prim.

Second Life

Corsica Road Network

Back to the roads. The roads are handled by the LDPW too. The directory of roads is linked to above. Heterocera is a region where roads have been updated and integrated with the railroad. It too is pretty awesome place. The vehicles and train engines are impressive models.

Riding vehicles in SL still sucks. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. However, region crossings with vehicles are much better and the trains work way better. I did experience mini freezes at region boundaries. I blasted down the tracks and the train actually stayed on the tracks. I found the train signals sort of work. So, if you drive a train pay attention to the lights. Some of the waits for oncoming traffic are long. You can go ahead. There are no crashes. You pass through each other.

Bay City Rail Station

I used SL Viewer 3.0.6 Dev. As soon as things start downloading and rezzing the FPS goes to 6. So my ride was jerky from low FPS.

I am hoping the new llSetKeyframedAnimation makes trains even better.

Whatever the case, the road and rail networks give us an interesting way to explore Second Life.

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