Second Life Statistics Week 37

There are really no changes in the statistics this month. Trends are continuing. So, I’m not posting graphs or doing detailed analysis. I do have some comments.

I can see a slight consistent increase over the last 5 months in daily sign ups. It looks like that is trending upward and is pretty well established. So, I think the changes in the SL sign up process have made a significant difference. We can say that change is working.

On the other hand, concurrent logins are trending down or up depending on the data you consider. Metaverse Business stats were the best for seeing the detail of what was happening, having the max and min login with the average. But, their stats stopped when the SL Splash page changed. They have yet to fix the problem. If you are interested, send them an email.

The detail from Metaverse did show the oddities in the numbers. The minimum concurrent users were increasing and the maximum concurrent users were decreasing. The average was flat or barely increasing.

Dwell On It is still reporting the median concurrent users. But, that number distorts a trend when the maximums or minimums are changing at different rates. So, we can’t see the same information. The median has been decreasing for months and showed no flattening even after the averages went into a slight increase for months.

So, on concurrency we are somewhat flying blind. Large changes will show in the median. But, the small changes happening now are invisible or distorted.

The number of regions coming and going is seeing an increasing rate of decline. Nothing dramatic.

Summing It Up

No great changes.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Statistics Week 37

  1. It is not news that signups is up. @Rodvik said as much at SLCC. what he didn’t say is whether those new peeps are sticking around. if they are, one would expect for concurrency to show an associated upturn and this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • It certainly does appear that player retention has NOT changed. But, Rod also pointed out in the SLCC speech that user behavior has changed. New users spend less time in world, thus less concurrent users. So, his implying user retention is better cannot be verified by concurrency numbers. They would have less over lapping time in-world, but there may be of them. The last of the Metaverse data might be considered to suggest that.

      We can assume some change in user behavior with the introduction mesh. Some number of people will be offline learning Blender and making mesh. That is certainly the case for me. The problem is we have no measured data to tell us how many.

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