Mesh Problems

Maxwell Graf has a neat graphic that lists the current problems with mesh clothes. Other than most are over priced (IMO). Check out his Plurk stream for information. He has a forum post you should check out too. Also the JIRA for this issue has been moved and is now SH-2374. Stop by the JIRA and click WATCH.

The image mentioned is here.

There are simple solutions for most of the problems listed. It is not the total disaster Maxwell paints. But, you have to learn the work around. He is right on that mesh clothes are currently more of a problem then necessary.

From the Lindens’ side it was a matter of delaying mesh and solving this problem or releasing mesh and solving the problem later. We know what they decided. If you read my mesh update, you know whats going on.

Maxwell seems to think the issue is not enough a priority with the Lab. He may be right. The Lindens are taking a considered look at which method is the best for fixing problems with mesh clothes. Whether it is better for them to rush a solution that may take them down a dead end or consider all aspects first depends on your meta-model of life. I think Maxwell is on one side and I’m on the other. But, we both want the same thing fixed.

It may all be mute because it takes some serious numbers of people or excellent arguments on points relevant to the Lindens’ goals to move them. So, go click WATCH!!!

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