#SL Scripting Update Week #25

Kelly Linden presides over the Scripting Group’s Office Hour. Every other week Kelly does triage on the list of scripting JIRA reports. There is a wiki page for those interested in the triage effort. See: Content Creation/Scripting User Group. There is a JIRA Search Filter on the page that is handy for those participating in the triage. It lists the JIRA items to be considered in the meeting.

If you watch Twitter for meeting alerts, the Scripting Group’s Tweet is wrong. It sends people to Mesh HQ in ADITI. The meeting is in Ambleside (161,92,30), AGNI. Hopefully that Tweet will get fixed. The Office Hours listings page has it right. See: Linden Lab Official:User Groups.

The triage meeting alternates with an open discussion secession. One week is about triage and the next week is open discussion. Announcements and news is the first agenda item each week. So, don’t be late, like I was this week. 🙁

Unless one is interested in scripting the triage is boring. Sorry. But, for those into scripting there are gems in the meeting. One can learn about how SL works and scripting, viewers, and servers interact. This is stuff one won’t see elsewhere. Kelly in explaining what may be happening with various JIRA items reveals some of the inner workings of SL. Real time async scripting is an interesting field.

JIRA Triage

[#SCR-42] Automatically play media setting ignored plays anyway – PARCEL_MEDIA_COMMAND_PLAY

[#SCR-25] All link-related commands spontaniously fail silently til sim reboot ( ReOpened )

[#SCR-27] Function: llSetSoundRadius( float radius );   fails to limit sound to radius

[#VWR-322] llCollisionSprite broken in newer releases.

[#SCR-43] Listeners in child prims get positioned at root prim position first, then switch to child prim position after re-rez (resulting in wrong listener / whisper radius)

[#SCR-22] “X-SecondLife-Owner-Name” sometimes set to ‘(waiting)’ instead of ownername

The wonders of the people-API and display names. We changed to having a central authority on names, and there is a period when the simulator just doesn’t know the name until it fetches it.

I don’t think it makes sense to stall the request (and your script?) until the region has the name.


[#SCR-23] Control event not behaving as expected when 2 control scripts exist in the same object(prim) or linkset

[#SCR-95] CONTROL_FWD (and others) ignored by control()

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