#SL Mesh Costs Update Week 25

Mesh cost continues to be a hot topic even though we do not yet have an actual cost. With the next simulator software update the cost numbers in the Mesh Project Viewer and the regions should sync up. Also, the viewer’s build dialog will see an update to give better information on costs. We may see that this week in a Project Viewer update.

Mesh Group Meeting

Mesh Group Meeting

Latest Cost Info

The latest information on cost has been posted in the SL Forum by Nyx Linden. See: Calculating “Prim Equivalency”. The post is less technical than most. But, it does very little to tell us what the actual L$ is going to be.

I think most know there is the cost of uploading mesh, just as there is for a texture or image. The cost for mesh will be based on several factors and will vary from mesh to mesh. Then there is the tier cost for having the mesh on your land. Nyx’s post rephrases what is in the wiki. See: Mesh/Costs and fees and take a look at: Mesh Cost Update II Week 24

Script Effect

Scripts have been the subject of consideration for limits. Scripts have an impact on server and viewer performance. Nyx points out in the post that Server Weight will be a consideration in the cost of mesh. Mesh objects containing scripts will have more script weight. That factor is a recent development for those of us deciding which types of things will be better built with prims or mesh. Some are alarmed that this aspect of mesh will make it too expensive to use.

Until we get some finalized numbers from Linden Lab we are not going to know how the added weight from scripts is going to affect us. There is no doubt it will have an effect. But, script limits would also have an impact on SL. Which is the less desirable for residents is probably unknowable.

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