New Singularity Release

Singularity Viewer is now out in version 1.5.7. It came out a couple of days ago. I’m behind on viewer reviews. There is too much new stuff to play with.

Singularity is based on Snowglobe 1.5 code and User Interface. However many of the series 2 features are being back ported to this viewer. One is boobie bounce… officially known as Enlightened Avatar Physics, which is totally NOT a sexy way to say it.

Also this viewer is supposed to be OpenSim compatible. Recently this has been problem for many viewers used on OpenSim. So, this is a big deal for OpenSim users.

Download Singularity Viewer

I’m not sure when I’ll get time to review this viewer. So, user comments are very welcome.

2 thoughts on “New Singularity Release

  1. bonjour,
    bravo pour la realisation de ce viewer *
    juste un petit besoin d’aide pour mettre singularity en francais

    merci d’avance
    bravo for the realization [recognition?] of this viewer *
    just need a little help putting singularity in French

    thank you in advance

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