Second Life Viewer Beta 2.6.3 Released

I previously wrote in the server update that gzip was added into the inventory download process. At the time there was no viewer that used the feature. The change over to the new HTTP with gzip inventory download is the new feature in this Beta release.

This version also has the avatar physics, bouncy boobs, bellies and butts. It is officially labeled Enhanced Body Physics. See: Enhanced Avatar Physics courtesy of Bea Linden.

There are some boring bug fixes in this version.

There are some known problems too. A big one is the Crash on Start if English is not the default language. Also, tattoo layers lost the ADD choice. They are WEAR only. That is a bug. Some body parts may disappear… guys be careful… a relog should fix the problem.

If you compile your own viewer, you can now compile using VS2010.

Breasts, Belly and Butt

Well… the breasts are probably the most enhanced part of the female avatar. When you start playing with the settings, remember the system is beta and may change. So, don’t invest too much effort in getting it perfect.

Remember to open the Advanced Parameters and move the values off zero.

With butt bounce and sway remember that these setting will look awful with short skirts. The prim part does not bounce and sway. You will have the same problems if you try to wear pasties with breast bounce.

Someone will probably create a dress that will work well with hip/butt bounce and sway. But, mini-skirts are a problem.


This is a fun viewer if you want to play with the new avatar physics. Otherwise, stay with something more stable.


One thought on “Second Life Viewer Beta 2.6.3 Released

  1. I noticed that since I got the latest beta viewer, whenever I try to edit an object the object does not appear on the screen while you are moving, rotating or resizing it. This makes editing very difficult.

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