Second Life Server Upgrades Week 11

We have our new roll outs for the week. The Release Candidate areas have seen several roll backs as some tenacious problems persisted. One weeks old problem with the Sever-Maintenance upgrades by Andrew has been found and fixed. So, the feature is rolled out again in this round of Release Candidate area updates.

There are two similarly named but different projects named server-maint and maint-server. I’m unclear on the difference between them. The projects are about a group of fixes and enhancements for the simulator servers. Some of the more specific and interesting items follow.

Asset Delivery Path and Caching

Content Management

Parts of the Content Management System are rolling out to the Release Candidate areas. These are changes to the Second Life system needed to help protect content. The details of the system are in the wiki: LLO: FAQ on Content Road Map.

The revised system includes an improved Complaint Process, Sticky Licenses, adoption of Industry Standard Copy Tools (helps reduce unauthorized export), Content Seller Program (helps residents evaluate content for sale), and improved policies and education outreach to residents.

Threaded Rez

More fixes to Threaded Rez have rolled out to testing. Threaded Rez is about having the viewer handle multiple rez processes on the client side. Theaded Rez is a performance enhancement.

Estate Transfer Limits

The explanations ones sees of this feature in the wiki only have meaning if you already know what it about… Example: “This project implements adjusted behavior limiting L$, IM, and object transfer for accounts who are limited to estates.” That sort of explanation leaves one wondering. But, once one understands this is about changes to allow teens on the main grid it starts to make sense. Under 16 teens are ‘estate’ limited. They can only be on the grid if they are a member of an estate that is teen approved, usually run by a ‘teen approved’ region operator.

The Estate Transfer Limits changes affected rules for IMs, inventory offers, and L$ transactions. To quote Maestro Linden:

Basically, the rules used to be a little insane (like UserA could IM UserB, but not vice-versa), and now the rules are a bit more consistent. The new rules are that if UserA is limited to a private estate, and UserB is a ‘normal’ avatar, then UserA can IM/transact with UserB only if they’re both physically located in that private estate.

Interactions between normal users should remain unchanged.

Oskar Linden pointed out that any region owner can limit accounts to an estate. There is an API that allows one to run a web site and sign up players for their game based in SL and make it appear as if the game is a standalone game. So, this is not just for the use of teens.

Whatever it is, it is now in testing in the Magnum Release Channel.

New Chat System – XMPP

This is getting closer to a beta test roll out. Trying to run two chat systems and still have everyone be able to communicate is a challenge. Some time ago the bridge was rolled out and tested. Now figuring out how to implement the new system and monitor it for problems and keep everyone talking is being figured out.

HTTP Get Texture

Work is being done to speed up asset delivery. The chart above shows where work is being done and how the process works. One can see that using HTTP Texture Get reduces the work load on the region server. So, those in combat sims should be insisting that players use a viewer capable of HTTP Texture Get and use it.

This work is also being done to improve the cache efficiency. See VWR-9509

I know that several viewers do not cache images well. For instance, in my cottage the texture of the door changes to a ‘closed’ and ‘open’ texture when I open the door. Every time I open the door it turns gray and then slowley rez’s to the open door. If I immediately open the door again the texture pops right up. But, if it wait a minute, the texture downloads again and I see it slowly rez. Makes me wonder what the cache does besides take up space on my hard drive…

Beta Server Group

We used to have Beta Server Office Hours as a starting point for information in the Wiki. That has changed to Beta Server User Group. The page contains the links to the meeting agenda and minutes.

Known Problems

People are still getting past estate bans (SVC-4632), scripts are erratic in physical prims when they rez (SVC-5925), script Debug Channel is being rethought (SVC-3044), and a bunch more.


The Server Updates subject remains rather geeky and tech oriented for now. So, there is not much to announce that I think the typical SL Resident will find interesting. One can only say ‘more bug fixes’ so many times before it gets boring.


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