Mesh Update Week 10

This is Week 11, but the information is from Week 10… I’m lagging a bit.

Runitai Linden had this t say about mesh cost:

Upload costs aren’t finalized yet — you can be pretty sure costs are going to go up in general, the hold up right now is a reworking of the sim rez pipeline that will make the costs the simulator reports more reliable. Once the reports are reliable, we can get accurate measurements on whole scene polycount vs whole scene prim cost and tune accordingly. As it is, we’re more or less tuning blind, and the client doesn’t have enough information on its own to determine the cost of the whole scene without a major reworking of the mesh streaming pipeline (the client only downloads the parts of the mesh it needs, but the whole mesh asset is needed to determine streaming cost).

…upload fees are a completely different issue…

This gets confusing. The L$ upload cost has not been decided. The prim-equivalency is not even set. Runitai is talking about prim-equivalency. The values one sees for upload cost and prim equivalence in the Mesh Viewer are there for debugging and testing. The actual cost and equivalency have not been decided.

Some of new repotting in new viewers and simulator software are for the purpose of getting good data on the actual render cost of prims and meshes in terms of load on the client and server. Once that data gives them a clear picture, they can work out the actual costs, upload and equivalency.

For now anything one hears about mesh cost beyond ‘we don’t know’ is speculation.

Some people are running into problems with SLV Mesh Project versions not installing. It may take several downloads before getting a copy that will install. Firefox users have not seen the problem.

In some cases the install problem is caused by an instance of slvoice.exe failing to close out, which suggests the solution is to reboot then install the new version.

Mesh, Teens, & ADITI

Get the word around that the maturity settings in the mesh areas of the ADITI grid have been fixed. Teens should now be able to enter the mesh areas.

llCastRay(), 64m Objects, Mesh, Avatar Rigged Meshes, and etc.

These various features are all interrelated and related to mesh. There was discussion about breaking up the individual features and rolling them out separately. The Lindens feel that would slow the process down by requiring many more Release Candidate tests. So, it seems we will get them all at once.

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