Dolphin Viewer Released Review

Yay, we have a new release. You can find the Dolphin Viewer 2 Download here. There is also a new version of the Snowglobe version Dolphin Viewer (download on the same page). This article is about my experience with 2.5.1 version.

Download & Install

Typical, easy.

The settings from the previous install are retained. I installed over the top of the previous version. All seemed to work without a cache clear.


The user interface is still mostly SLV2. Preferences are pretty much the SLV2 set and layout with the addition of the Dolphin Viewer 2 tab. The tab has 4 sub-tabs. Lots of handy settings are revealed in this section.

RLVa [Correction: Marine Kelly’s original Restrained Love 2.0.4] has been added. To enable it: Me->Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 2->Miscellaneous.

The Setup Tab now has a real Clear Cache button.

There are some other minor changes and additions to the viewer. They are listed in the release notes on the announcement page. (Here)

I’m not sure if it is this version of the viewer or SL acting up, but I am getting lots of texture bounce, things go fuzzy, then sharp, then fuzzy… This is usually a sign the viewer is downloading a texture numerous times.

I had avatar rez problems after each tp. My previously baked avatar would rebake and my hair would not always show until I did a manual rebake (Ctrl-Alt-R).

Returning home the region is mostly deserted, few if anyone there. I still had texture bounce and rebake issues. But, once I get a good bake in a region I’m good until the next tp.

My Inventory Worn items did not work right. The list would show me one or two items of what I was wearing in any given folder. Plus it showed I was wearing some stuff I’m pretty sure I was NOT wearing. In general doing anything with my clothes from within Inventory was messed up. I could not detach things. I traveled to Borrowdale, deserted Linden land. Retried and that did not help.

Changing over to My Appearance from Inventory and everything works.

Otherwise the viewer is nice. I got 25 to 30 FPS in my little cottage. I was busy doing things in SL so I did not get test a lot, but the viewer worked well for me.


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