Numbakulla Closing

SL Numbakulla

SL's Numbakulla Closing


Numbakulla is closing. It opened in July 2005. A long run for a Second Life game.

Numbakulla is a Myst Style puzzle region, a game like Myst or Uru Live. The Myst series of games includes Riven, Myst III: Exile, Myst IV: Revelation, and Myst V: End of Ages. Uru Live (MMOG) was a spin off and is now revived for the third time and free to play. Numbakulla is the same style.

I understand Numbakulla will remain open through next weekend, then poof. It will be gone. We may see a reincarnation on an OpenSim grid. We can hope…

Sniff, sniff… 🙁


4 thoughts on “Numbakulla Closing

  1. wow, what a shame and that is a very long time for something to be around

    i do hope they move to opensim, this would run very well there and offer much greater freedom

    let’s hope they export all terrain files and as many goodies as possible. several options are out there. i am very biased toward what we use – a dedicated server (not a virtual one) with plenty of power to run something similar. while we have 16 sims on it, it would really scream if we only ran 4 on it and should allow for decent concurrency

    thanks for blogging about this – sounded like a very neat place

  2. do you know the owners? i posted about it as well, after reading your blog i simply had to see it for myself and it made me cry to think of it leaving – what a shame =(

    • In the SL Universe post several names are mentioned. Not people I know. The D’ni Refugees group in SL has most of the Myst fans.

      It is always sad to see neat things leaving the grid. But, unless there is an income from a game like Numbakulla, keeping it live is expensive. US$3,600 or so per year.

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