OSGrid Update Week 4

OSGrid has been upgrading the backside of the grid. My regions have been offline most of 2011’s weeks 3 & 4 as the database converts to a new format. The latest release of the simulator software has some changes. These are the ones I found interesting.

Terrain Files

The sim software can now handle terrain files made using Terragen. Once the grid is back up I’ll be checking out the new file type as it imports and exports Terragen (.ter) format. Also, this list of supported files types for terrain files was updated. Hopefully it will be easier to work with terrain in Photoshop and L3DT. Thanks Kevin Cozens.

Land Management

Melanie is working on creating new structures to clean up the land management module.

OAR File Fix

The OAR files will now replace a region rather than merge with it. The Merge command can be used to force a merge.

Something changes about how loading an OAR file creates a default parcel.

Land Clear

A “land clear” command will now remove all parcels and create a single region wide parcel.

Returning Soon

OSGrid has been down while the databases were converted to a new …format. It returned for a short time but there were repeated and massive login problems. The login database is being reindexed to correct the problem.

We should see OSGrid come on line this week.

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