Second Life Server Updates Week 5

The Beta Server Groups minutes are out. Here is some of the things I found interesting.

Asset Delivery – A new Linen, Log Linden, is working on improving asset delivery from the backend side of SL to the region servers. Most everything in SL is an asset. So, this makes for a big possibility for speed improvements.

It seems the delivery process from asset servers to sim servers is HTTP protocol. However, only textures are delivered to the viewer via HTTP.

Monty Linden explained that their coding had completed Feb. 2 and were moving to Q&A before moving to ADITI. They hope to see significant changes in regions that grow big cues of asset requests, think combat sims in particular. Actually any sim that with a high usage of non-texture assets. Monty Linden is looking for sim owners that would like to volunteer to test the upgrades.

Threaded Object Rez – Maestro Linden announced that Threaded  Object Rez has been fixed, or at least the bug that forced its pull from the release channels has been found. They never got around to saying when this would go back to an release channel.

Linden Homes – Broken Doors – This is related to the Encroachments enhancements recently added, the ability for an owner to return a prim on another parcel that encroaches on their parcel. When this feature was rolled out to the grid, the doors on Linden homes stopped working. It seems the homes root prim is outside the homes parcel. That allows the resident to use all the prim count allocated to the parcel.

The bug affected more than just doors. Any scripted thing in a cross parcel boundary object was affected. Also, more than just the Linden Homes were affected.

For Linden Homes the regions were moved to spare servers with the fix installed. The fixes are also in two of the RC’s and are expected to roll out to the grid next week.

The Linden Homes are still strange and some odd things go on with them. The land team is working on those problems.

Missing Mega Prims – Or the Great Mega Prim Deletion Disaster of 2011 (coined by Latif Khalifa) – If you don’t know a supposed mistake in the Lab caused the deletion of a load of mega-prims. Whatever it was, the Lindens have been gagged and aren’t saying, other than it was unintentional and not related to server rolls. So, make up your own story of what happened.

One can ask that there region be rolled back to a pre-disaster date to restore a build.

Interest List – In OSGrid Update Week 4 I wrote about the Interest List. It looks like this speed improvement will make it to the grid next week. Yay!

Mono Version Update – Kelly Linden is back and working to complete the Mono version update.

Falcon Linden is working on physics bugs, mesh asset verification, and a bunch of cool stuff he can’t talk about. The bugs are described as; penetrating boxes and the weird oscillation behavior during some collisions.

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