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Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

Updated: 8:00 PM

A new release of the Phoenix Viewer is out. This release fixes lots of problems. It takes some time for a new team to get things together and get organized. This release says much about the team coming together and stabilizing the viewer.

Jessica Lyon has published a blog article that contains the release notes and a new features list. See: Some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is a couple of team members are leaving. Seems there is a disagreement about how the team is to be run. That is not an ideal way to start off. But, this may just be a new team shaking out and people learning who they want to work beside. As time passes we’ll learn if this is just a startup issue or a more pathological issue.


This download (SSE2) is smaller than the last, 33mb verses 48mb. The installer has been customized for Phoenix, new colors and logo. The install installs over the previous installation. Your cache location and login name are retained. However a load of my settings seem to have vanished. So, things like the vertical chat tabs went away.

The viewer uses a new default skin named ‘Firebird’. I sort of like it. It is more version 1.23 style but uses rich warm colors.

Best of all I ran it for a couple of hours without problems. FPS stayed in the 25 to 30 FPS range. So, this is a good step forward for the Phoenix team, congrats!

5 thoughts on “Phoenix Viewer Released

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  2. I am having a problem with Phoenixviewer since 9/16/2011. I contacted Jira at Phooenixviewer and they said my problem was I needed a new password, which I got today, but did not change my problem. When I get on my avatar cannot move, type, my avatar is cloud or half rezzed, environment is all gray . Please help. Where can I get help.

    • It sounds like a connection problem. use to check your connection to Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California both USA.

      The best place for quick and specific help is the SL Forum in the Answers Section. Go there and do a search, several. There are multiple answers for this problem. If you don’t find an answer that helps, post your problem. Before you post collect your system info from the viewer. Click Help -> About and copy then paste that into your post.

  3. I have been having problems also with all of the viewers, everything is gray, can’t type good, takes forever to rezz, thinking baout giving up sl.

    • It is likely your video driver. Try turning off VBO, then shaders… keep dropping your graphics settings until you see it clear. Then you can turn on and off various parts to find which is the problem.

      Get your video card model and driver version from The viewer’s Help-About. Search for it in the Sl Forum and at SLUniverse forum. You’ll find others with the problem and how to fix it.

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