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Updated 2010-09-14 – scoll to end of article

Oskar Linden updated part of the Beta Server Wiki to announce the Blue Steel Release Channel changes are coming to 10% of the grid 9/14. If those changes hold up, they will spread to the rest of the grid on 9/21.

What’s changing? This is an example of one of the first rollouts using the new three channel process. So, the number of changes is small compared to previous updates as current changes are split up for testing. If these changes hold for 6 days, they will go to the rest of the main grid and into the other two release channels with the items being tested in them.

These changes are mostly exploits and SIM crasher fixes. Since these are ‘holes’ still active on the rest of the grid, Oskar is not publishing steps to reproduce the problems (a normal part of the testing process) for obvious reasons.

Other fixes that can be tested are;

  • logging in and logging out from BlueSteel regions.
  • Inventory transfers.
  • Friendship requests.

See the wiki page if you are interested in helping test these changes. Blue Steel Test Plans

If you want to test any of your scripts or other SL gadgets in the coming upgrade, you will need to join the Second Life Beta group. The group uses an image about SL Search that is cute, worth looking at even if you do not join.

Once you join the SL Beta group you can use the four sand boxes in the Blue Steel region.

  1. BlueSteel Sandbox 1
  2. BlueSteel Sandbox 2
  3. BlueSteel Sandbox 3
  4. BlueSteel Sandbox 4
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Update 2010-09-14: Blue Steel rollout completed. See: First Release Candidate Deploy! The article tells you how to know if you are running on a release candidate and which one, where to find SIM’s running release candidates, and how to have your region in the beta program. For now only Blue Steel is is being used as the Lab sorts out its new procedures.

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