Imprudence 1.2 Beta 2 Viewer Review

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The newer Imprudence Viewer Beta is out. It works on Windows, Mac (OS X Intel) and Linux. This update has some major fixes for the previous Beta release. If you updated prior to 10/9 then you need to get a new download and uninstall and re-install.

Massively has posted an update on the Imprudence Viewer. Get the details there. See: Imprudence 1.2 Beta2 viewer for Second Life Also, check out the Imprudence Metaverse Viewer Blog.

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Reasons to Use

Remember. This is a metaverse viewer, meaning it is good for use in Second Life as well as Open Life and the OSGrid and related virtual worlds. It is one of the leading viewers for moving your creations from world to world. If you created it, you can move it between worlds.

The Grid Manager allows users to save logons for several worlds and add technical connection information for various grids. Meerkat and Hippo viewers are leading the way in providing easy multi-grid/world access.

The minimap/radar has new features to help you find people.

Bunches of the Greenlife Emerald Viewer features have been added to this Imprudence Viewer release.

Reasons NOT to Use

There is an ongoing problem with menu File -> Logout. Avoid using it. Stick to Quit.

English is the primary language and many other languages have yet to be added. If you would like to help with translation, contact the Imprudence team.

There are other minor problems and problems for specific operating systems. See the Known Problems list.

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