Twitter Search Engines

Seems there are now special search engines for Twitter. I look at twitter just to see what’s up. Lots of news breaks there. On fast breaking subjects real time results are wonderful. Search engines are figuring this out. Google and Microsoft are looking at buying Twitter. They have recognized Twitter’s value in getting new information on fast breaking subjects.

Those looking for new information on Second Life can scan Twitter, Plurk and whatever with some of the newer real time search engines. Most seem to focus on Twitter. Others provide a broader range of sources.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has their own new effort, Bing Tweets. Seems they have a couple of tools for watching tweets and a search engine that gives more weight to Tweets but still includes regular search stuff. The real-time scroll of Tweets on a subject is kinda neat but hard to read on fast scrolling popular subjects.

Twitter Search Review

Twitter search sites: The three best, and all the rest Dated June and a bit out of date, but still a good list of sources. Their top 3 are:

TwazzupIs simple Twitter search. Results update in real time.

CollectaThis is a more generalized real time search covering more than just twitter. One has to use double quotes for terms like “Second Life” to keep it on target.

Scoopler – This one is also a broad search using many sources but has a column of  Tweets on the right.

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