Another Second Life Scam Site?

Massively is reporting a new Second Life scam site based in Singapore; (Actually, it looks more like it is New York based.) This is a very XStreetLS like site. Various creators in Second Life are warning customers that is a credit card harvesting site. That is apparently unconfirmed. However, it is confirmed that products and images of products displayed on are there without the creators’ permission. Numerous DCMA complaints are filed.

There is a thread about the site in the Second Life Blog; Has anyone encountered the ripoff site? As of 10:58 Oct 7, 2009 Jeska Linden has locked the thread and provided a link to file your complaints.

The site is displaying and ‘OOPS!’ message as I write this. The claim is that this was a test site and products were pulled by an automated process to populate the site and show the client what the final site would look like. Lots of apologies there. Apparently a new site developer.

Metaverse Tribune picked up the story (PHISHING SITE TARGETS SECOND LIFE™ RESIDENTS) but adds little new information.

Whether this is an over reaction by a sensitive Second Life community (likely), a real scam or a development snafu… it is hard to say. Whichever it is, this domain name has been trashed and trust destroyed. As one SL resident posted,“I kind of feel sorry for them because even if they remove the copyrighted material and get these accusations removed via a libel suit they will never recover their reputation because people here tend to post first and think later. Sad.” The resident thinks it is obvious this was a site under design. But, that development claim would be a good cover for a caught scammer. At this point we don’t know. But , I will not be putting CC info into the site… ever.

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