SL11B Prize

SL11B Contest Poster - 2014

SL11B Contest Poster – 2014

Most of the blogs are writing about Linden Lab’s photo contest with a L$10,000 (US40±) prize. You can find the official announcement here: Second Life’s 11th Birthday: Celebrating Your Second Life L$10,000 Contest.

There is, however, a gotcha. You enter the contest by posting on Facebook in Linden Lab’s SL page. Ciaran and Inara are pointing out how this blocks many SL users from participating. You can at least get the SL11B commemorative robot for free (Market Place).

You can view the entries here: SL11B Contest Entries. So, far it appears there are 19 entries… I am not impressed. I think as Ciaran and Inara think, using Facebook was a mistake. A quick look at the Second Life images on Flickr shows the level of talent possessed by SL users and their prolific nature. I am not seeing that show up on Facebook.  Continue reading