Failed Inventory Deliveries in Second Life

You may not have heard, but Linden Lab is changing how they will handle freebies on XStreetSL. Basically they are going to charge a price for having freebies on XStreetSL. There are two controversies that swirl around this change. A good review of those can be found in Ciaran Laval’s blog post, So are you still calling Myth#1 a myth Pink?

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New Sound & Gesture Vendor

WARNING! This is a shameless plug for my newest Sound & Gesture Vending Machine in Second Life. (You need an SL account to open the link)

I have an earlier version. It sells one gesture and sound. The feedback from customers is that it needed to sell a gesture and multiple sound files. Some gestures have longer sound tracks than will fit in one SL sound file. This new vendor is that upgrade.

You can post comments here or post and ask questions on my Nalates SL business forum.

I’ve set pricing as follows:

Single – L$45 – save $0
Vendor Machine 5 Pack – L$200 – save $25 – Unit cost $40
Vendor Machine 10 Pack – L$350 – save $100 – Unit Cost $35
Vendor Machine 25 Pack – L$550 – save $575 – Unit Cost $22
Vendor Machine 50 Pack – L$650 – save $1,600 – Unit Cost $13

Feedback is appreciated as are ideas for improving the vendor.