Failed Inventory Deliveries in Second Life

You may not have heard, but Linden Lab is changing how they will handle freebies on XStreetSL. Basically they are going to charge a price for having freebies on XStreetSL. There are two controversies that swirl around this change. A good review of those can be found in Ciaran Laval’s blog post, So are you still calling Myth#1 a myth Pink?

Coming up at the same time is an issue in Second Life with inventory transfer. Hamlet posts about that in his blog at New World Notes in Why SL Inventory Transactions Fail, and What You Can Do About It — Peter Stindberg Explains.

The idea is that since this is not working and is a special problem for merchants in SL that they will add a pay-for-guaranteed-delivery service. Peter Stindberg in his blog in Why inventory transactions fail, and what you can do about it explains how you can reduce the problem. People affected by the problem are Subscribe-O-Matic users, XStreetSL users and anyone using scripted vendors to deliver a product.

Peter provides easy steps for one to take to avoid loss of their purchases.

You can help get LL to fix a broken system by voting for this JIRA. The idea of charging for a work around could lead LL to think it is a good idea. Please don’t let them get away with that.

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