What is the new SEX thing in Second Life?

One of the recent innovations is AFK sex workers. What is possible beyond that? Well, sex robots. Eliminates ALL labor costs. We now have animesh sex companions. I suppose I should have seen it coming.

You can see the first ones I’ve seen at Glawio’s region. These are not that well animated. There are a couple that are HOT and several that are just lame. There are a bunch of them.



I suspect this will give some scripters ideas and better robots will be made.

The tough part for sexbots is the animation and chat. Plus, they are passive. It will take some serious AI to get around the current limits.

3 thoughts on “What is the new SEX thing in Second Life?

  1. There’s so many people come to Second Life just to rub pixels.

    I used to earn a living in the “entertainment” business. I provided location, superior toys AND a real person, emotions and attention that was flexible and dedicated to giving the customer the best of experiences.

    That level of service can still not be provided by any animated alternative. I am muoe curious about why a large number of people just want to engage in the mechanics, without actually engaging with the other person/s.

    To many, Second Life will always be a computer game. But I have been a resident for over 10 years. Aside from various jobs in the entertainment business, I’ve flipped land, been a builder, mental health peer counselor and engaged in far more…….and I have gotten far more back from SL than the pixel-rubbers experience.

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