Firestorm Viewer v6.2.4 Released July 12, 2019

The quarterly release schedule is shot, as the Firestorm team points out in the blog announcement, Firestorm Update It isn’t like that is news. We’ve noticed that plan sliding. I see this missed timeline as more a Linden-new-feature release complication than lag on the team’s part.

EEP and BoM are near release. The FS team had hoped to get those features in this version. But the Lab is fighting bugs and glitches in both. Both are behind schedule. I suppose the FS team decided to stop waiting.

Firestorm Viewer – July 2019

From what I gather I suspect there is a beta version with both EEP and BoM in testing. Inara’s ‘Paving the Way’ is acknowledgment this version has adaptions for EEP & BoM. The Firestorm testing peeps will know. I am guessing this 6.2.4 version runs with EEP & BoM but has those features disabled. Once EEP and/or BoM release I expect a quick release of a FS Viewer with those features.

I am in the process of deciding if the change in FS render of Windlight™ is me and my Win-10 update to 1903 or the change to 6.2.4. Whichever, something changed. The world looks different.

Release Points

This release’s big feature update is EAM, Estate Access Management tool. If you manage access to a region then this is a big deal. You can get the details from Inara’s blog, Firestorm 6.2.4: EAM and Paving The Way. Inara was a bit late getting her article out. Her ISP went down for 8+ hours. Have you noticed more Internet problems lately?

Inara points out this is a release for Second Life™ users. OpenSim doesn’t have server-side support for EAM. So, what is the point of a new release for OS? And with EEP and BoM… Will OpenSim support those features? I don’t keep up with OpenSim anymore. Every so often I think of running a sim server… then I sober up. I suspect they won’t.

Inara points out that OpenSim and Second Life are now so incompatible one either runs an OpenSim or an SL viewer. Firestorm makes separate viewers. Their OS and SL versions ONLY run on the respective grids.

Linden EEP RC Viewer July 2019

I suspect there are still some viewers that will run on both grids. But that is getting to be a complex challenge to maintain duel code in a single viewer version. I suspect fewer viewer builds will support multiple grids going forward.

What does EAM mean for the average user? The new tools will make life better and more difficult depending on your situation. EAM is going to provide estate managers more information, the date a person is banned, their last login date, and the name of the person that banned them will now appear in the ban list information.

This obviously is going to make managing ban lists more real. Also, the list-managers will clean out unnecessary entries. If an annoying user has stopped logging in, there is no need to have them in the list. This changes the simplified method of FIFO list management. In which a banned person was very likely to become unbanned in 3 to 4 months, at least in busy/popular groups, just on the age of the ban. I expect ban time to grow for active users now that inactive people are removed making room in the list.

So… don’t get yourself banned.

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