Firestorm Viewer v6.2.4 Released July 12, 2019

Also, we will have a chance at appeal. Probably not much of a chance, but… Consider. In a busy estate, there are almost always numerous managers. Prior to EAM there was no way to know who banned who. So, managers blindly backed up other managers. Now, the team will know who banned who and can discuss the why and whether a ban should be lifted with the one who swung the hammer. I doubt many sales and support groups will take the time to do this. But, managers of roleplay groups will likely use the tool extensively to review bans from games.


I can do pretty well at keeping my ACI low (<100k). When I started flying, I started becoming more aware of script memory use. It makes a big difference in crossing regions successfully or not. So, I want to know not just my total script count and memory use, but which attachment is using the most memory.

I accomplish that by right-clicking land and choosing About->Script Information->Avatar. I used to get a nice list itemizing each script’s memory use that I was wearing. That trick is gone in Firestorm. They changed the enigmatic command to a more intuitive top menu Avatar->Health->Scripts. Try it out. You may be surprised.

Catznip 12.2 July 2019

My big surprise was my AO, animation override. My newer ones use 576k of memory. My old ZHAO-II only used 32k. Go figure.


There are more fixes and improvements. Check Inara’s post for the details.


5.1.7 – Porch w/Sun-Shadow-Projector @ 256m DD – 42± FPS
6.0.1 Beta – Ground level on my porch: @ 256m DD 73± FPS*
6.0.2 Main – Ground level on my porch: @ 256m DD 102± FPS
6.2.4 Main – Ground level on my porch: @ 256m DD – 45± FPS

5.1.7 – Neisonia Safe Hub w/25 Avatars – 19-30± FPS
6.0.1 Beta – Neisonia Safe Hub w/28 Avatars – 30-45± FPS
6.0.2 Main – Arapaima Safe Hub 2/38 avatars – 30± FPS
6.2.4 Main – Neisonia Safe Hub w/30 avatars – 35± FPS

5.1.7 – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 100± FPS
6.0.1 Beta – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 152± FPS
6.0.2 Main – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 154± FPS
6.2.4 Main – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 135± FPS

These are not rigorous tests. I walk out and watch the Stats Panel for a bit and make a call.

For a rendering test I TP over to Bumrose’s beach for mesh snobs… OK, I’m overstating it. You are greeted by the Bumrose Welcome notice which includes,

– no newbie looks (put some effort into your avatar, there’s a lot of very good free stuff on the market or in the shops, take some time to make your avatar look good)

There are lots of boats, trees, and toys. I land and time how long it takes the place to render. I eyeball the render completion. With Firestorm, it looks like 60 to 90 seconds with a warm cache. ‘Warm’ meaning the cache is not totally empty as I’ve been there recently.

With the Linden EEP version (64bit) it is about the same. Maybe a little faster… like 15 seconds… maybe. I am not sure but I think the cache is a bit cooler.

With the new Catznip 12.2 it is slower, like 2 to 3 minutes. However, that is with a cold cache. Not having been there in months the cache of Bumrose stuff is probably mostly empty. But, TPing out, waiting 5, and then TPing back in… it was still slow rendering the scene.

Notice how each viewer is rendering the default region settings differently… I suspect this won’t get straightened out until after EEP is released and we have some time to sort things.

My collection of saved WL Settings looks different in the different viewers. So, it isn’t just funky default region settings.


Other than EAM this is pretty much a maintenance update. So… do you need this update? Only sort of. If you aren’t having problems, it is not necessary. However, it is a good move to update.

The oldest viewer version 5.0.11 is going to be blocked August 2nd or thereabouts. Firestorm only allows 3 versions to be used in SL. So, 5.1.7 is going to be the oldest version that will run.

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