The FaceApp and Second Life

Browsing a Second Life™ Forum thread I was impressed with a photo by SL resident Opal Gustafson.

Opal Gustafson – The Smile

What a cute avatar (click to enlarge). CLICK… gotta like that one. A bunch of other people liked it too. Started a bit of a thing.

Seicher Rae saw it and commented none of her heads or AO’s had such a smile. Hmmmm… neither do mine. Seicher asked how she got the avatar to smile like that. The answer was FaceApp. The smile was made in post-processing, not in SL.

I have seen what I thought were SL avatars will big smiles. Even some profile pictures with smiling faces. Now I know where they come from.

So, what is FaceApp and where does one get it? It is an app for mobile devices. Google Play and Apple Store. Free and paid versions available.

If you know how to move images between your mobile device and your desktop the quick way to get these smiles is to put the app on your device and moves files back and forth.

But, what about for a desktop? There isn’t a version of the app for the Mac or Windows desktops. However, there are virtual iOS and Android simulators… emulators that run on desktops. I use BlueStacks because another application I have a need for required it.

This virtual mobile device isn’t all that easy a way out. You still have to sort out how to get files in and out of the emulator as well as learning how to get an Android app running on a Windows or Mac machine.

Moving files in and out of the emulator can be a pain if you are not using the latest version. However, BlueStacks version and above solves the problem by providing an Export to Windows feature in the Media Manager.

BlueStacks Media Manager

Import and image using Media Manager. Let it go to the default location. Open FaceApp and the image will show up in FACES. Apply your changes and save the image. There is an icon in the upper-right that looks a bit like a download icon. It saves the image.

FaceApp Image Save

Using Media Manager look in the Gallery. You

’ll find the resulting image in the FaceApp folder. Click the image you want to export. There will be a Send to Windows ‘button’ at the top. Click it and a Windows file dialog appears.

Easy enough when you have done it once.


FaceApp Image Before and After

The app works best when the subject is facing the camera. Looking away in any direction starts to change the resulting smile… I think degrading it.

There is the free version and a Pro version that has more options… think more smiles and stuff. Or in the Too Sexy group on Flickr.

Post your smiling face in How does your avatar look today… Or in the Too Sexy group on Flickr.

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