Second Life News Bits and Bytes 2018 w52

We are in the holiday season which is synonymous with ‘no-change-window’. There are no user group meetings this week. So, news is limited and mostly non-existent. No Deploys post. Last main channel restart appears to be 12/4. But, one was reported to have happened 12/11… my detector didn’t notice it. And none since.

Server and viewer versions are also unchanged this week.

Mesh BodiesKitsune Shan (URL FB) has a mesh body coming out that is designed to do a good job of portraying thin to chubby with good proportions.

Kitsune also makes tutorials. See Skinning Session (URL FB). While the clicks and keys in this video are not universal, the weighting process is. Kitsume also has 2 YouTube channels; Big Channel and Small Channel.

Scandalize – If you are into fashion you likely know the brand name. Seems they tried to do a gift card thing for Christmas. It went sideways and didn’t work as planned. They published an apology and a sort of workaround.

You can join the |Scandalize| (SLURL) group and get the details from their notices. And you have to be part of the group to get/use the gift cards so… Get it done. Limited time to use the fix.

Windows 7 Freezing – Seems Win7 systems with Malwarebytes are freezing up. Reportedly from Malwarebytes support 12/27±, “This is an issue we are aware of. For some reason, our latest update (Malwarebytes v2.6.1.2711) is causing Windows 7 64bit machines to freeze. Please toggle off the Real-Time Web Protection module for now.”


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