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Yay, Blueberry is having a sale starting this April 13th, a Friday the 13th. Which in some cultures is considered an unlucky day. While there is no empirical data to suggest these Fridays are any worse than other Fridays, the superstition lives on.

Happy 6th Birthday Blueberry!

Happy 6th Birthday Blueberry!

So, six years in Second Life™… 13th pretty neat time to have a sale. Happy Birthday Blueberry

Not everything is on sale there are some exceptions. You’ll see them listed in the promo image above.

Blueberry is popular. I love how the clothes fit my Slink body. The clothes look good. So, I expected the region to be full. The main region, Lenox & Blueberry, is limited to 20 basic account avatars plus 5± premium member avatars. The store is designed for as lag-free an experience as is possible given the nature of a store in SL. Adjacent is the region Palua. Its limit is about 30± basic members. Adjacent to Palua is Just Because. It has a limit of 25 or 30.

So, for many of us, this is going to be a cam-shopping event. Fortunately, it runs from Friday 13th to Friday 20th. The peak use time for SL is 2 to 3 PM SLT. The minimum use time is 2 to 3 AM SLT.


Several designers now have regions set up for cam-shoppers. Currently, cam-shopping is way faster than walking through a store in a crowded region… in case you haven’t noticed… (is that ‘not noticing’ possible?)

I use my SpaceNavigator 3D mouse for cam-shopping. You’ll see how that works in the video below. Trying to walk through a crowded region can be slow and frustrating. I also do mouse-cam’ing through stores, Alt-Left-Click in various spots and drag then zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

I have the draw distance at 256m and other graphics settings near Ultra. I generally turn my ACI down to 120-200k. For this shopping trip, I had it at 350k. I figure if someone shops at Blueberry they have spent some money on their avatar appearance. So, it will be a great place to people-watch the gorgeous and hawt.

With the main shopping area limited to a max of 25 avatars, this store has good performance. So, SpaceNavigator, walking, or mouse-cam’ing through the store are similar. At other events with 30 to 50 avatars, the difference is way more pronounced.

I recorded two videos… The first seems jerky. Then I started to edit the video and realized it was horrible. A quick look at the OBS logs (app I use to capture video in SL) and saw it was dropping more than half the frames I saw on screen. So, I went back and recorded another video. Much better. For those of you that use OBS I’ll have an article on what was going wrong with OBS on later.

These days even when I get into an event I often cam-shop rather than walk through the store. Also, I generally stay out of the main region to avoid using up a slot and keeping someone else out, if they have a cam-area. This trip I jumped in to show how ridiculous it is to try and walk through a crowded event/sale. This time it wasn’t that bad.

After trying the demos, I went back to make some purchases. It stumbled into the main Blueberry region unintentionally. The lag was bad in Palua and I rubber-band-walked into Lenox-Blueberry by lag-accident and stuck. Accidentally excellent timing. The premium membership allows me to be in the small percentage of people a region will allow in over the set region limit (20 for the store). I think it is the best benny of being Premium.

I did spend some money today. I put this outfit together using the Laura – Corset Dress. The style card info is below.

New Blueberry Dress

Style Card

  • -SECRETS- Baloon Girl -choker- (gold) [neck]
  • Blueberry – Laura – Corset Dress – Physique [R hand]
  • Blueberry – Laura – Croped Sweater – Physique [R hand]
  • N-core ABBY “White” for Slink Physique [R foot]
  • Nose Ring Gold – Bonia [nose]
  • Shoe Base for N-core ABBY [L lower leg]
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V3.7 [L lower leg]
  • Slink Dynamic – Addon Nails Stiletto L v1.2 [L hand]
  • Slink Hands – Dynamic – Female L V1.5 [L lower arm]
  • Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.05 [avatar center]
  • [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Ears (Rigged) [R hand]
  • [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head [head]
  • [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Teeth [R hand]
  • edeLsToRe woman mesh hair ” Hana ” [R hand]

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