Content Creation UG 2017 w50

Thursdays are becoming busier for me. I find it harder to get to the Thursday User Group meetings. Fortunately, Medhue streamed the meeting.

The audio is horrible.


02:00 – Bakes on Mesh Project. Under way. No time frames. They think it is going well.

The idea they are operating on is the change for baking on mesh objects (all objects?) will be only viewer side. The idea is they will use magic texture UUID’s. If the system sees a magic UUID the texture information will be sent to the Bakes on Service.

Vir Linden points out this leaves some questions unanswered. They have yet to figure those points out. In progress.

04:25 – Animesh. There is an update to the Appearance Service in the works. As there are calculation the service has to do depending on what you have attached to the avatar. Think of it as the height thing for those of us wearing spike heels… but not limited to. 

This round of fixes will help keep feet on the ground. However, with animesh the calculation would likely mess up what we are trying to do with it. So, the ability to distinguish between avatar, fitted/rigged mesh, and animesh and whether stand-alone or attached is being added to the Appearance Service.

The change has been released on ADITI and a grid I didn’t recognize… So, when playing with animesh on Aditi you should see the avatar keep its feet on the ground. I think that only works in the animesh regions of ADITI.

06:00 – A previous version of the Appearance Service had a bug so that no calculation was done on joint position when rigged mesh was attached to the avatar. That is fixed now.

06:25 – Animesh Viewer Update – Mostly bug fixes. A change to fix mesh upload is in this release, or next. Vir Linden isn’t sure.

This change is the ‘space in name’ problem that messes up uploads. Firestorm has had a fix implemented for one or two versions. The Lindens have no adopted that fix.

Plus, some animesh crashes are fixed.

08:10 – Server Update. The ADITI regions for animesh have been changed to allow animesh with 50k of polygons. This is a step up from the previous 20k limit. Changed Thursday 12/14.

This is NOT a final limit. The final limit is TBD.

Medhue is digging out of 10” of snow. I’m checking my phone as California Emergency Services chirps it to tell me about the latest evacuation area changes… 4 blocks away is the closet yet. I think I’m good.

11:20 – Why the 50k limit? Vir says the 50k number was decided on based on discussion in the UG.

It is not intended to say anything about the final limit.

12:40 – How many animeshs can be attached? Currently set to one. No additional thought.

16:30 – Animesh Hair. This will have issues but it could work. Think Medusa. Also, it could solve some Bento animation issues with hair.

Vir thinks one could set the Medusa hair down and the snakes would run around.

19:48 – What’s next for animesh? Vir is mostly working on bug fixes, getting animesh to work right.

Vir discusses some of the bugs; disappearing animesh, no left click on animated animesh, and review how LoD is handled for animesh.

23:20 – Animesh is now able to be impostured. Animesh Impostor is working.

The pool of Max Avatars Not Imposters will count animesh in the avatar pool.

24:45 – No animesh attachment to avatar in first release of animesh.

25:30 – Where does a prim go in a animesh linkset? Discussion.

With a number of prims in a link set, the animesh skeleton will render in ration to the root prim regardless of its linkset position. Other prims will maintain position in relation to their in linkset position.

Some are making the root prim a cube that envelops the entire object to get the physics right.

34:25 – Having a skeleton be an asset type… Vir points out the complications they considered during Bento development that kept them from making such an asset.

37:15 – Animation Info is showing for animesh animations. While not so much a new animesh feature, animesh people are just noticing it was added for animesh development. Develop->Avatar->Animation Info.

44:30 – Some bug reports where animesh animations are not updating. As best I can tell that means like an animation in Animesh that is in the next-door region may not play until you enter the region. Of if the animesh is behind you and changes animation, you won’t see the change until you click and reset the animesh or it makes another change while you are watching.

This is the same behavior as we see on avatars. The difference is avatars are getting frequent server updates on changing animations, walk, turn, stand, etc.


There is a meeting next week, 12/22. I am surprised. But, then the next one, 12/28, will be skipped. I think everyone will be sobered up for the 1/4 meeting.

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