Sansar Product Meeting 2017-09-01

Well, the new update was rolled back a few days. They had hoped to roll it out Thursday. Now it looks like… may be Tuesday… Wednesday… sometime next week (#36). So, we aren’t hearing much new news in this meeting but questions were getting answered.

And there is a US$10,000 prize being offered. Look for red highlight.

And… Maxwell’s RUNE is awesome. My Myst friends should like it. Even more awesome is his Ant Farm. Explore to find it. This video doesn’t show the ‘Experience’ off well. It does give me the incentive to figure out how to get my Gear VR working with Sansar.


I’ve clipped out 20+ minutes of rambling. You see a page peel every so often that denotes a part was removed.

00:00 – Hellos, voice checks… Jenn arrives.

00:52 – Meeting start, Cara Arrives

02:00 – Terrain Editor – promised in this coming release.

02:20 – Audio Streaming – Not just Shoutcast, others too. 

03:00 – Multi-part objects… upload support coming for multi-part objects. There is currently a problem with collision meshes. We’ll have to work around that for now.

03:30 – Script Console – in the coming release. This is the first release of the script console. It will be improved. For now, I understand it will be tedious. Write the code in Experience Build mode, Compile it into the experience, upload the experience, enter the experience, and test the script. To make a change, exit the experience, move back to the Experience Builder and repeat.

03:45 – What about HUD’s? …what’s a HUD? Honest. Cara asked. Look at the video. Then after an explanation, she still misses the point… twice. May be it is an English as second language thing.

Whatever, we aren’t going to see HUD’s for some time if ever. I mean first, they have to learn what they are and how they are used… sheesh, surely this is a language thing.

05:20 – Trigger Volumes are the closest thing to HUD’s…. right. :/ I think a trigger volume is sort of an invisible cube that when entered or touched triggers a script. So, you might put one on a room in a house. So, when you walk in the lights come on.

05:45 – First snip out of boring part… Concentrating development on … supporting something like MOAP.

06:40 – Accents are tough… Sit Scripts should come within 6 months to a year… really!?! Cara wasn’t kidding. But, she admits after guessing that she doesn’t have a clue.

07:20 – Running – In this next release. So, our avatars will be able to run. Apparently flying is out. It isn’t realistic and breaks the immersion… At least the programmers think so.

07:30 – Avatar Customization – is upgraded in this coming release. With this release, you will be able to sell avatar attachments. Plus, nail colors can be changed.

07:55 – Stereoscopic Support – Meaning you can watch 3D movies in Sansar… It is in this next release. I suppose for now there isn’t much else to do, unless your building.

08:15 – Back to Shoutcast and others… late arrivals…

09:20 – Being able to sell attachments… This kept being repeated for late arrivals. The coming release adds this ability. The store still sucks. But, they can’t do everything at once. However, the users a very capable of wanting everything at once. The Sansar Lindens will learn.

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