Sansar Product Meeting 2017-09-01

39:30 – There is lots of texturing discussion in the Casual Meet Ups. So, if you need help make it to those meetings.

40:19 – No Reflections in Sansar. However, Cara thinks reflections are on the road map. I would be surprised if we see reflections for anything other than water.

41:40 – Release Notes? Yes. They get posted about… more or less… sort of around… the viewer update date.

45:10 – Do Second Life team people get jealous when they look at all the neat stuff in Sansar? Interesting answer… Watch this for yourself. My paraphrasing wouldn’t be accurate enough.

47:00 – Do Sansar things get taken to SL? Ebbe has said if neat Sansar solution stuff will help SL then he wants to implement it in SL.

51:30 – Keyframe animation – not yet. One or two updates down the line… From all I have heard, I’ll have to see this release to understand how animating works and what things can be and how they will move. For now, I think a wind mill will be possible.

53:15 – Limits on gore… Information about how far you can go for Halloween.

55:15 – Discussion about getting Jason Linden back to one of the product meetings. People think he is the wizard of Sansar tech. Personally, I would Like to hear from Kelly Linden, the guy that ran the scripting meetings in SL.

Mystery of the Stones

Mystery of the Stones

56:50 – Metrics, any user metrics? Like concurrent and max per day… basically no. Not public information. But, they are developing something to show where the people are. PAR-TAY!

58:15 – Discord Server Roll out, security issues… but soon…

59:32 – High-Level Road Map, we may see it next week…


Jenn talks like a corporate spokesperson. Everything has a pro-Sansar spin and they would like to do everything. She also appears to love her job and the Sansar project and users.

She is a primary pipeline from the users to the programmers. As best I can tell she is batting for the users and speaking for the company. I think she has a clear understanding that supporting the company is about supporting the users. In that framework, she’ll get suggestions from users and pass them along to programmers. And explain to users what’s happening and answer questions as best she can.

Sansar users are pretty much like SL users. Jenn is doing a pretty good job of handling the users, which is no easy feat. Or may be it is just that there are not yet any pitchforks in Sansar… These are enjoyable meetings.

The Lab has some great employees. Be sure to listen/watch at the 45:10 mark.

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