Sansar Product Meeting 2017-09-01

10:00 – Announcing two contests. Winners will get handsome prizes most coming in just under US$1,000. And one US$10,000 WOW grand prize.

First is an attachments contest, officially Avatar Props… as props is a more ‘friendly’ word than attachments… I suppose that is a San Fran thing. Whatever, there are four categories to compete in; most fashionable, most innovated, best Halloween, and funniest.



Each winner will receive an Oculus Rift and Touch bundle plus a one-year Super Creator subscription. Pretty neat, huh?

Honorable mention winners will get a one-year Sansar subscription.

These subscriptions will be added to any current rewards. So, sequential, not concurrent…

12:00 – The second contest is a Sansar Scariest Experience.  Something like the Abandoned Morgue and Asylum Darkness Edition. There will be one grand prize of US$10,000, Oculus Rift + Touch, and One-year Super Creator subscription. Plus 3 honorable mention winners getting a one-year Sansar Creator subscription.

The time line is tight. Submissions end October 15th.

Jenn talks more about Linden Halloween events and details of contests.

See the Creator Challenge section of the Sansar forum.

16:30 – Size of avatar attachments. Looks to be 1x1x1m. Hummmm. They think this will work? Plus, there is to be a 15,000 polygon limit per attachment. You’ll see it added to the documentation, ASAP.

18:45 – Is there a JIRA? No. Will not have a JIRA board. But, some kind of road map is planned to show the coming releases.

20:25 – Someone starts vacuuming the Lab’s office…. I should have run the noise reduction module, sorry.

22:00 – Question about who to talk to if you want to develop a ‘big deal’ experience. Like if you were the US Army, who would you talk to? I think Cara and Jenn totally missed the point of the question. They should have asked if I want to sink a million dollars into a Sansar Experience, who do I talk to? The answer should have been, Call Ebbe. Let me get you his private number. Well… may be his secretary’s number…

22:55 – Current release plan, Monday is a holiday in the USA. So, Tuesday, Wednesday, … next week. That is what they are promising.

24:50 – What about designing a single person experience? Lindens were having audio problems… So, they didn’t get the question. Basically, no one knew how to do that or how it would be judged in the contests.

30:20 – Jenn talks about things that can cause an experience to be delisted from the Atlas. Most are simple fixes. And you should get an email telling you WHY it was delisted and to do to fix it.

31:30 – Store Listings and the current categories… This goes nowhere as Cara loses her mic.

32:30 – Customizing UI with HUD’s touched on again. Also, will there be a web browser in the Sansar viewer… Is there a possibility of having Sansar API’s for external web sites? Basically, Jenn and Cara didn’t know and talked in circles. The best answer would have been simply: if we do, it is a ways off. We like the ideas.

37:00 – Transparency, alpha masking… discussion not much hard information. Apparently, transparency and texturing is a big subject for Sansar users because it is problematic. All the needed features aren’t built into the viewer yet… Much of what users want to do they do via a hack… and explain to other users how to hack that…

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