Second Life – Content Creation UG 2017-08-10

Well, I did something wrong. The video did not record. I got an hour of audio and a single screen capture for the entire hour. Useless. It looked to be working when I started. But…

So, I’ll write an index for Medhue’s Live Stream.

Medhue doesn’t post process the video so there are spikes and drop outs in Audio. His microphone is messing up too. That was just audible in his stream. I didn’t hear the static in-world. But, it’s tolerable. Just keep your finger close to the volume control.

This week’s meeting was informative and we have some NEW news.


00:00-05:55 – You’ll see Medhue setting up the Live Stream and posting in groups that the meeting is starting. At one point, there were 41 people in the meeting and another 21 on the live stream. That is a big meeting for a User Group. We usually only see that many at a meeting when the pitchforks and protest signs come out.

06:00 – Meeting starts. Alexa Linden tells us that she has distributed instructions for how to build the Animesh Project Viewer. They are devising and writing up plans for testing Animesh. This viewer is changing to fast to release a version to the community. Plus, there are a couple of features Vir wants in before it goes to testers.

06:30 – Alexa explains she has been with Linde Lab for 10 years. After 8 years in QA. She asked to do something different and is now a senior product manager. This is her passion. She has been playing with SL since 2004. She is now a part of the animesh team.

07:30 – Vir talks about the new stuff, saying not much to say about Animesh.  This past period he has been working on Animesh cost, and presumably Avatar Complexity Cost, they are related. For now, they are running test outfits through different machines with different settings but the same outfit. From this they hope to gather information that will allow them to make an algorithm that better reflects actual render cost for a wide range of machines and hardware.

09:50 – Vir Linden points out there will be no meetings for the next two weeks. He’ll be on vacation. Next meeting is August 31.

11:00 – Question about the material rendering system. Vir is not up on that, outside his sphere.

You’ll see Medhue playing with the controls on his cat-avatar.

11:45 – Walk run speed… this is the thing about being able to adjust walk speed for avatar size. Tinies need to cover less ground with each step and a giant way more. The Lindens have pulled the JIRA feature request into their list. They are considering changes to animation play back speeds. Walk speed ‘might’ become part of that project.

12:45 – Rider Linden starts talking about the coming changes to Windlight. Experiences will be able to control your Windlight. Also, scripting will be able to control Windlight on a per avatar basis. Also, there are new environment settings coming too.

See: Windlight Environmental Enhancements – Discussions resumes at 44:20.

16:00 – Question about increasing memory for Experience Scripts. Not likely.

18:00 – Question about what happened to the .blend avatar files for Bento avatars. Lindens not sure. But, the question was about the Starter Avatar bodies. People would like those models so they could make clothes for them. I don’t think so…

Nothing new about the additional starter kits for builders previously discussed in CC UG meetings.

20:00 – Discussion about having more Linden made training areas.

22:30 – The mesh baking service is almost ready for testing on ADITI. This is the extension of SSB that bakes classic avatars to bake mesh avatars.

23:25 – Will bones be added for skirts? No. Other bento bones can be used for skirts.

24:45 – Question about whether bone hierarchy will ever be able to be changed? Not likely. Several at the meeting think there is no need for it because of the changes we can make to the Bento bones.

Cathy Foil points out Medhue has a video showing how to bone rearrangement and hierarchy change is done.

Medhue explains how he rearranges bones.


30:30 – Question about attaching a rigged animesh to an avatar. Complex answer. Vir says yes and no then explains.

Putting a hat on an animesh is a more complex problem. No plan for that in the first part of the project.

33:20 – QAvimator is being updated. Fig Mistwood…

Also, there will be no sliders for Animesh. At least Vir doubts they will ever add the feature. However, it is likely shapes will be able to be applied to Animesh. So, we can use an avatar to build a shape for an Animesh. Vir hopes to handle that ‘applying shapes’ in stage two of Animesh.

36:00 – Joking around about getting the Animesh Project Viewer out loaded with all the features one could ever want.

The viewer is coming along.

39:20 – Adult Content side of things…

42:00 – Some Sansar.

44:20 – Discussions returns to coming Windlight changes.

Windlight sky and water settings are being added. The new Windlight settings can go into a new thing that will be an inventory asset that can be bought and sold. They can be applied to parcels.

Day cycled can be changed. Max setting is a Day in SL could be 7 RL days. Moon texture, cloud textures will be changeable. God Rays are coming. Distance fog too. All per agent applied via scripts.

The document link they are talking about is above @ 12:00±.\

49:00 – Permissions limit… about when will there be grid wide Experiences? Not likely to happen. The reason is the possibility of a griefing exploit.

Mirrors come up again…

51:00 – Talk about terrain textures. Discussion.

57:00 – Animesh performance and limits. As of now, Vir has no idea. But, expects there to be some limits. Possibly the number of animesh objects in a scene.

59:00 – More building centered islands… Lots of residents to do that now, think Builders Brewery and Ivory Tower of Prims.

1:02:00 – Torley comes up. He is still working for the Lab.

1:05:00 – Video end…

2 thoughts on “Second Life – Content Creation UG 2017-08-10

  1. I’m curious about Animesh…

    While this viewer branch appeared a couple months ago (or so) in LL’s Bitbucket repository as the “Axon” branch (, it’s nowhere to be found in LL’s Wiki ( for binaries and for sources pointers).

    Time for me to open a new “experimental” branch of the Cool VL Viewer, I guess, but I’m lacking any info on where such a viewer can be tested (e.g. in some sim on the beta grid ?)…

    • Yeah… they aren’t far enough along to start writing wiki docs. It is unusual to have the Lab start getting input this early in a project. Bento was similar. So, hopefully, this ‘early input’ is a new leaf for Lindens.

      Alexa was talking about prep’ing a wiki document for those that want to compile and test what they have. They aren’t pushing for testers at the moment. I get the feeling Vir thinks things are still way too fluid to get too many involved. So, I expect the docs to appear only after things get a bit more solid/set.

      I know they have regions in ADITI where Vir and others are testing. I don’t know the names. Email Oz, Vir, and/or Alexa Linden for the names. They are out of the ‘secret’ stage, so I expect they’ll share. Whirly probably knows too…

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