Second Life Adult: The Monarch Conspiracy

If you have been around Second Life™ for a year plus, you have probably started to recognize how the adult side of SL works. While often ‘adult’ is just a euphemism for sex, it does cover more than just sex. However, in the context of The Monarch Conspiracy (TMC), its use as denoting sex is… appropriate.

The Monarch Club

TMC is mostly a member only place. From time to time they open the mansion to everyone. But, it probably isn’t locked down as you may think from those sentences. The region is open to most everyone all the time but, they have 5-minute warning signs in various places. Of course, those are the places where people would get intimate. In those areas, you have five minutes to explore before they teleport you out. The 5-minute idea allows one to explore, test, and decide if they want to shell out L$ to join the group. 

The management is, I think, European. So, most events are from 2 to 4 PM SLT. The coming week’s events are announced in the TMC Group and a weekly newsletter.


Tuesday 4th April

10am-noon DJ Bronte will be digging in her crates(S)

Wednesday 5th April

1-3pm DJ Sio presents the Sioux Sessions (S)

Thursday 6th April

2-4pm DJ Soul presents her own eclectic range of music (s)

The Monarch Club

Friday 7th April

2-4pm DJ Mikki presents a Super Hero/Heroine themed costume party (S)

Monarch Fun

Saturday 8th April

2-4pm Orgy- a roleplay event to indulge your most base desires (RP)

I find the group a bit clickish, but that may just be me. There is also the problem of the majority of avatars being female… like 90%. They need more guys, which seems surprising to me.

There is some interesting furniture in the mansion. Some of the group furniture for orgies gets oddly interesting as nobody really knows how to make it work. So, there are lots of surprises, interesting to funny, as people try to use it.

There are restrictions about walking around nude. As it is a ‘membership’ place that scares off the noobies still fascinated with their new genitals. Where you can get intimate is restricted too. And they have people around during the parties to enforce dress code.

The dress code is about looking good. So, other than for some costume parties there are no new looking avatars. Most avatars attending are pretty nice looking.

I am finding that membership requirements and online overseers greatly improve the quality of a club… if they don’t kill it. TMC seems to be growing. So, check it out.

2 thoughts on “Second Life Adult: The Monarch Conspiracy

  1. I’m not too surprised you found it a bit ‘clickish’, did you take the time read all the rules at the landing point!?

    The whole sim is based on RP and apart from the DJ and open events the rest of is heavily based on the Eyes wide Shut film scenario which the owners used to be involved with at the Somerton sims. They moved on from their when they decided to go it alone. The Mansion looks glorious but of note is that the Eyes wide shut and kissing circle RP ideas have been around for years, some of the key founders, Koda Rae and Nikki Arentire who have been involved in that kind of RP for a long time will have nothing to do with TMC due to the sporadic nature of the owners, one of which is known for losing interest frequently and picking up her things and leaving SL on a whim for months.

    On the other hand, this time around the club side of things has proved popular so far so it might be different this time. Just be aware that on the adult/sexual side of things, people should be comfortable with all sexual orientations, including Transgender which frequent the place a lot

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