Second Life: What is GridBert?

I got word of a new game in SL. It is an experience shoot ‘em up type game.  You’ll find it at: Games (SLURL).

A unique aspect of the game is each day the top 3 players win L$ cash.

  • 1st Prize: 60 L$
  • 2nd Prize: 20 L$
  • 3rd Prize: 10 L$

So, now I have a new place to send newbies to get L$ cash. 

Points are awarded for GridBerts shot, treasures found and collected, shooting other players and a point every 5 minutes you are there.

The rules…

If you get shot you lose a point and you fall down on the ground. After being shot or shooting someone you can’t shoot for 10 seconds.

The guns don’t shoot as fast as I can click. So, I wouldn’t class them as even semi-auto. There seems to be no bullet travel time or trajectory. You can shoot as near or far as you want.

Get the gun…

The first and second levels have a maze with treasures. The first level maze is somewhat hidden. The entrance to the send level maze is obvious. The GridBerts on the second level are different, ghostly skulls that have to be shot 3 times. But, you get a point for each shot.

The game is surprisingly fun. I easily made it to 5th place, a bit over 300 points. It was hard to stop playing… oh… let me get that one… and that ONE… bamg, bang…

Second Level

I did find the undersea part. There is treasure there. I lost my gun when I teleported out. Oh yeah, they give you a free gun. It is an experience attachment. So, it never appears in inventory. But, there are kiosks in several places so, it was easy to replace.

I suspect not many know about the place. That makes it easy to get on the score board and place well.

If you need a location for a shop or want to advertise your product or services, this may be a good place. Grid-Wide Advertising seems to be owner or sponsor or somehow connected with the game.

Check it out at: Games.


2 thoughts on “Second Life: What is GridBert?

  1. Hey Nalates, I am so happy that you like the Gridberts:) I told everybody that my favorite SL blog wrote about my game. To answer the question in your title, Gridberts are the NPCs, they each have a name: Bombert, Grimbert, Dumbert etc. Thank you for recommending it to noobs. I am very noob friendly and don’t mind helping them. The game is still in it’s infancy and I hope to add more levels and features soon. Also prizes will increase depending on how many people play.

    The advertising part that you mention is called GridAds. It is a grid-wide networked adboard system with boards in busy locations all over SL, not only the game. It is another of my products.

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