Second Life: Adult Area – Bumrose Marina & Club

I bounce around Second Life™ looking for interesting adult places. I found one. A really interesting woman had The Bumrose Marina & Club for adults listed in her picks. I teleported there. Arriving, I thought it was a small half region island with lots of places for spontaneous romance, sex, surfing, swimming, and boating.

2017 – Pool in Eden Celebration

However, Bumrose is a full region and has a sister region. As you explore you find it goes on and on. Looking at the world map… yikes… it’s like a hundred regions (literally) hooking together a giant archipelago. It isn’t all Bumrose. Most of the regions’ cousins are part of the Fruit Islands Estate. (URL)

In all these hundred regions sailing and water sports (the jet ski, boating, swimming kind…) are a big part of life in the islands. So, having all these regions tied into a small continent like archipelago makes for great boating.

Partial Eden Map – 2/2017

The whole set of regions are named Eden (something). I’m not clear on what makes up the Eden Naturalist regions, where clothes are not required, verses Fruit Islands, where you do need to wear clothes.

I did learn that September 2015 the owner of The Fruit Islands Estates changed from Equinox Pinion to Dream Seeker Estates (URL), which is said to be the third largest land holder in Second Life.

Apparently, Equinox Pinion and Dennis Lagan founded Fruit Islands (2008) and grew it. In late 2015 Equinox had RL issues and left SL. The new owner is Loretta String (FB URL – Flickr URL 98% PG).

Loretta String

Ownership of Bumrose is listed as the group Bumrose Marina. The group was founded by Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille BDay: 2006-29-07). So, while there is a region-connection thing, they have separate owners. Apparently Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille) and Dona DeCuir (donato.decuir) took over the surfing and boating regions of Eden Cygnet and Eden Celebration November 2014.

Evelyne DeCuir (Bourdeille) Owner: Bumrose Marina & Club

More pictures of Eden Naturist Estate (URL NSFW) are here.  Evelyne@Flickr – (URL 50% NSFW – 1 image) The blog with information on events in Bumrose is here: Bumrose Adult Club & Marina.

The Bumrose Marina & Club is self-described as:

The Bumrose Marina (URL) & Club for adults that enjoy a classy and relaxing place, nude beaches, boat slip pier rental in an erotic, intimate adult area, an exclusive pool club, tropical naturist yacht sailing, beach house rentals, surfing, German sailing, and naked beach (Deutsch segeln nackt strand) FKK


Join the Bumrose Marina group to use all the facilities (L$350 one time). Many of the toys and furniture will only provide menu access to members of the group. The mansion in Eden Celebration is pretty awesome and you’ll want to be able to get into the menus. But, you can enter the regions and play there without membership.

The romantic and sex animations are mostly pretty good, meaning they have good female hip action. Also, ‘good,’ in my mind, means they allow you to adjust your position.

You may use your own boats and water vehicles to navigate the Eden Estate and you may moor up in the estate’s waters for a time, but when you finish you are asked to delete your boat to save unnecessary clutter around the Estate.

I could not find any rez OK place for a boat. But, I didn’t look very hard. I don’t have any great boats of my own… While I have my looks, boats aren’t a problem…

Surfing in Cygnet is advanced, at least I think so. C-3 surf boards… I’d never seen them before. I could use one without reading the instructions. But, reading the instructions I find there is a lot more that can be done with them. I would like waves that traveled further… I suppose that is a universal surfer’s lament.

Learning the C-3 Surfboard

There is a small aircraft runway. So, one could fly in… but, Eden isn’t connected to a main continent.

The Eden Cygnet region averaged about 5 or 8 people most of Wednesday (9AM-6PM SLT), at least while I watched. With all the romantic hide-a-ways and current lite use, privacy should not be a problem.

If you are a novice role player, you may want to brush up on role play. I’ve seen some pretty paragraph-oriented-RP going on. In Cygnet there is some of the more abbreviated RP: ‘You’re cute’, you’re handsome… let’s hump…’ I haven’t been playing there long enough to know which is more popular. But, the avatars I saw were, at least, better dressed… or undressed, as the case may be.

If you visit Bumrose, walk up and say hello to someone.

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