AvaStar 2.0 Beta 29

Machinimatrix has a new beta release out. You can get it on your product’s page… may be.

My page still shows 2.0-beta-23 as the main candidate (green new). But, we’ve been warned not to use that one… Below with a red test button is 2.0-beta-29. Seems there is a 2.0-beta-28 some think doesn’t work… I’ve never seen it. To see some releases you apparently have to have an open trouble tickets… why? Gaia says so you can see if your issues have been fixed… So, I suppose the rest of us can forget working with Bento for now…

If you are somewhat confused, join the crowd.

The read-me file link doesn’t seem to work correctly. So, I can’t see what any differences from previous versions and 29 are.

The Trouble Ticket system has been fixed to allow some previously blocked file type to upload.

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  1. Hi, Nalates;

    We understand the confusion. While we did document the Testing Phase information in our news ( http://blog.machinimatrix.org/news/ ) , we realize not everyone may read our Blog. So we now have added a link in the Product download folder to make sure users see this documentation.

    Thank you, Nalates.

  2. Here is another try to clarify things a bit:

    The official release is Avastar-1.7.4. However, the Avastar 2 alpha releases were, and have always been released, with the proviso that they are versions best used for testing and not for production. We have had many users successfully using it,. and are glad of this. We have also had a number of bugs and issues reported that we have striven to address and eradicate. Suggestions on ease of interface, etc. have also been taken into account.

    We feel that most of the bugs have been reported which is why we announced we could no longer work on tickets when they were issues already addressed for the upcoming release version. We needed to focus on the known issues and readying the release.

    We narrowed the release of 029 to those that had submitted bug reports as they would be testing to see if the bugs were indeed quashed. This is proving to be a successful way for us to have good feedback for development and ensures a better release (even though we know that as users continue to find ways to confound Avastar, they will hopefully report issues).

    In addition we now have also opened testing for everybody who is willing to create a ticket in our ticket system and indicate what they want to test.

    Once this testing phase is complete, we can release more broadly.

    More about testing can be found here:


    This is a note from the Machinimatrix Team

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