Second Life News 2016 W20


There is no rollout and restart for the main channel this week. Because of problems and down-time on the Beta grid (ADITI) last week testing on the pending server update couldn’t be completed.

Bubbels & butterfly's

Bubbels & butterfly’s

This week the package is ready to move from the Beta grid to the RC channels of the main grid. So, we’ll have a roll to and restart of the RC channel regions Wednesday.

This is a package without any user-visible changes. It has unnamed improvements.


The main viewer remains, formerly the maintenance RC viewer.

RC Second Life Inventory Message Viewer version – This is a new RC version. A few things have been fixed;

  • Remove old, now deprecated HTTP code from viewer source.
  • [httpmsg] Changing properties of the object in inventory are not saved after transfer it to next owner
  • [httpmsg] Any Landmark added to Favorites became empty, existed broke.

It appears the majority of work on this version is removal of old inventory handling code. This past year work was done to improve the reliability of the inventory feature and how it works. That work uses new API’s and abandons older API’s. In the near future the server side of the old API’s will be removed. Viewers not updated to the new API’s will see their inventory panel stop working, at least partially.

The release notes have a list of the depreciated API calls.

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This is an update from version in use last week (19). My guess is this is the next viewer to be promoted. That may happen next week or possibly this week.

The change to this version is the addition of the code added to the RC Maintenance version If that code and the QG code work well together as then we’ll see this version promoted as the next main/default Linden Viewer.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – No change.

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