Turning 8

Last month was my rez-day, March. I joined in 2008 some time after Myst Online: Uru Live closed for the second time. Several of my friends from Uru were in Second Life, so I tried it. I liked it. I stayed.

Nalates Urriah - 2008-2016

Nalates Urriah – 2008-2016 – Large version

I play other games from time to time. Currently Black Desert Online (BDO).

My Black Desert Character - 2016

My Black Desert Character – 2016

I enjoy the creative freedom in Second Life. I look forward to playing with the platform Project Sansar becomes. But, I’m not at all sure it will be as fun as SL. I do meet interesting people here, but I think I have heard all the pickup lines known to men… and there are days no one hits on me. 🙁 What’s up with that? Even going on 9 I’ve still got my youthful hard body…

BDO is a different type of experience from SL, it is a game. So far, it is a fun grind. Way lots of stuff to do. Cooking… OMG! There is like a billion recipes. I may actually have to figure out some way to keep track of them and find new ones. Quests… I have so many going I have trouble keeping track of which one I’m on at any given time… like how many ogre wizards to have to kill and take their magic stuff to get… ummm. what was it I was supposed to get… and OH CRAP, my inventory is full again!

BDO is easy enough and complicated enough to keep me interested. Much of my interest in SL has waned. I spend more time learning Blender, texturing, and animation than playing in SL. But, I have the most fun and excitement in SL.

Also, while I find BDO fun, it is also very restrictive. I can rent a house but not build one… I can put stuff in it, but I have to buy the stuff from a store…

Whatever, I plan to be around SL for a while. BDO… I haven’t decided yet.

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