CtrlAltStudio Updates VR Viewer News for Second Life

I didn’t notice this until today. David Rowe has explained that his Rift supporting viewer is not going to update until he gets his updated Rift headset. Reference.

✨ Energia ✨

✨ Energia ✨

He is also looking to hear something from the Lab on their Oculus Rift viewer. He tells us his code is more a quick and dirty to get something running. He seems to prefer the Lab’s code as being a better solution.

We know the Lab’s Rift viewer is an October 2014 version. It is being upgraded to current viewer code, of course. But, it also needs to be upgraded to the new Oculus code and enhancements (CV1). So, this is probably quite a bit of work. We don’t have any word on whether this version is just being caught up SL Viewer 5 code or also being updated to use CV1 tech. I would guess it is…

We also don’t know how much of a priority it is. I suspect while important it isn’t all that important. So, we have no idea when we will see an updated Oculus Rift viewer from the Lab or CtrlAltStudio.

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