Firestorm Viewer News 2/26

We are to the final stages of a new Firestorm Viewer release. Jessica Lyon, team leader, says they have pushed all new work into a new development branch as the finalize testing on their release candidate. This next release will have TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security).

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Would you refer a friend to Second Life? Take my latest survey.
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TLS is sort of part of SSL and sort of a replacement. It is enough to know that it is the part of the viewer that secures all the viewer’s money handling communications. I forget the cutoff date, but there is a date coming soon when a viewer MUST have TLS 1.2 or the SL servers will refuse to talk to the the viewer for money things. You can use your viewer and run around SL. But, you won’t be able to buy things.

This next Firestorm release will have Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) replacing Webkit. This means the built-in web browser used as the internal web browser and the render engine for many of the viewer’s information panels (think Profile and Search) will change. I doubt the visual appearance will change much. It is sort of like putting new tires on a car.

Firestorm and some other third party viewers are saying they have added CEF+, I think meaning a newer CEF release version than what the Lindens are using. But, I’m kinda guessing on this point.

Take away: New Firestorm Viewer soon. 3 or 4 weeks… may be.

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