Second Life Bits Week 8

Ciaran Laval writes RL is taking time away from his blogging. He’ll be a bit sporadic about posting. See: Brief Update. Darn. Ciaran is good.

group cover

Group Cover

Inara Pey is responding to those saying they will never visit a Project Sansar world if there is no World Map… or I suppose in the case of Sansar it would be more of a Universe Map. See: Maps as metaphors: Second Life and Sansar.

Anyone saying what they are NOT going to do something because of what something is going to be before they know what it is going to be… is obviously a shallow thinker… if they think.

Inara in her updates mentions the Gray Box problem, which has to do with regions crossings while attached to a vehicle. I can’t remember when I last crossed a region boundary with a vehicle. If you are running into that problem more information is here: SL project updates 16 7/1: server and viewer.

Your SL Firsts

SLUniverse has a kind of fun thread running. It is about your First ____________ in Second Life™. Check it out here: Your SL Firsts.

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