Apple to Challenge Sony and Microsoft

Second Life™ users know Apple lags in providing gaming support for SL type OpenGL games. But, that may change. The  news in the The Telegraph is Apple TV is going into the gaming market. See: Apple TV.

Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Whether or not this will cause Apple to provide better gaming support for computers, is still a question. But, I think, any attention shift toward gaming by Apple has to improve the odds for an improvement.

Apple is adding more processing power to their game machine, built into their Apple TV box, to handle complex graphics. That sounds like acknowledgement that VR is coming, at least I hope so.

The new box will directly compete with PlayStation and Xbox.

2 thoughts on “Apple to Challenge Sony and Microsoft

  1. Yeh, but more interestingly, what might this mean for things like Project Sansar? LL have said they will look to making it accessible on mobile. Apple TV will open doors to Sansar being in living rooms.

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