Second Life’s Lumiere Noir

I don’t know how well known the name is in Second Life™. I think the name Ivory Tower of Prims is probably better known. Lumiere Noir was the builder of the Ivory Tower Library of Prims. I’ve been to the Tower a number of times. It was a big help in my learning how to build with prims. I believe it is the best prim tutorial going.

Ivory Tower Staue

Ivory Tower Staue

Lumiere Noir - Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Lumiere Noir – Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Ivory Tower Statue

Ivory Tower Statue

Ivory Tower from Weapons Testing Area

Ivory Tower from Weapons Testing Area

Fans' Memorial Thoughts

Fans’ Memorial Thoughts

August 10, 2015 Lumiere Noir passed away. Separation and loss are painful. There are  degrees of grief. It seems to depend on ones beliefs. Whatever they are, no one seems to have words that adequately express our sense of loss or the empathy we have for those closest to Lumiere. Trying to express our feelings and comfort others in these matters shows how little we can actually do. But… we do what we are able. I can empathize, regret the loss, and deal with grieving my small part of the loss.

A number of Second Life Bloggers have covered Lumiere’s passing and in-world memorial. One of those is Daniel Voyager. He has pictures up from the memorial. Mine were taken after the memorial.

As to the Tower, no one is saying what will happen to it. However, most things Tower related are group owned. So, there are others to care for it. If you are looking for more information, contact Avi Arrow.

3 thoughts on “Second Life’s Lumiere Noir

  1. I too learned my basics at the Ivory Tower. I didnt know Lumiere Noir but nontheless it feels like our world, Second Life, has lost a driving force. My condolences go out to the friends and family.

    However, in the midst of this sadness I also feel anger. Anger towards Linden Labs. They made Lumiere Noirs passing “front page news”, as it should be. But a few months ago, when Sylva Petrov died there was no mention at all. Hypocricity ? Bigotry ? Just an oversight ? I dont know but it is unjust of Linden Labs. As long as SL will be around, Sylvas influence and her creations will be felt.

  2. Joining my voice to yours for sympathies for Lumiere Noire. Ivory tower of prim is one of its kind for teaching the basic of SL building and in general for 3d construction. It was for me too a big help in my learning .

    Do you know if this icone build of second life will remain for other newbes instruction Nalates.


    • I haven’t heard anything. I suspect the Lab will do something, if the group owners decide they can’t maintain it. But, I don’t know.

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