Second Life News Week 29

I am finding it harder and harder to find interesting news happening in Second Life™. I have a collection of blogs I like. I find that their content is becoming more diverse. Fashion and porn blogs are still focused. Most of the others seem to be losing focus. I feel like the focus I had on developments in SL is harder to maintain.

267 - Helena's Dream

Helena’s Dream

I may write less and build more… which will mean more tutorials. Those are still consistently the most viewed articles on this blog.


No roll to the main channel this week. The RC channels all get the same package, a maintenance fix with internal simulator fixes… 

There seems to be less and less going on in the Beta Server group. Fewer people are attending that meeting. I expect that meeting to get rolled into the Tuesday noon meeting at some point. Then we will be down to two ‘user group’ meetings from the current three. However the new ‘Meet the Lindens’ meetings are popular.

The Meet the Lindens meetings get more press. They are not oriented toward the tech crowd, but toward the general users. So, far I have found them chaotic. We’ll see how they develop and whether the crowds persist.

Riddle me this, ARC friends…

That is the title of a thread over on SLUniverse started by Chalice Yao. Chalice is questioning some of the Render Weights seen on various hair do’s.

Later in the thread she talks about liking the Jelly Baby feature and thinks render heavy avatars are the #1 lag producers. (reference) I think it is poorly designed mesh items whether clothes or things.

Adeon Writer points out Avatar Render Cost and Draw Weight are not the same. (reference) I’m not at all sure the viewers have both… or that they are different. I think people are just being ambiguous about how they refer to the render cost.

Bryn Oh

Jüdisches Museum in Berlin – Obedience – part seven is out… on exhibit… something. Click the link for more. Bryn’s stuff is always interesting.

Packet Loss

Some people are reporting high packet loss rates. If you are having problems check you Viewer Stats. If it is consistent, file a JIRA.

Weekly Fitmesh Finds

This blog has articles about mesh clothes, bodies, and accessories. Right now they have a poll running on how people use the blog. If you follow or occasionally read the blog drop by and take the POLL.

Hair Fair

Strawberry Singh recommends checking out the Eloquence blog while you wait to get into the fair.

In a previous article she recommends Just Because for good fitting fitted mesh. I checked that out. The classic fitted size doesn’t work for my classic avatar body. The standard size medium is close. But, weighting is such that I have to use the alpha layer to avoid poke through for most stand-animations. And like most alphas that come with clothes, they hide too much.

However, the bikinis do fit well.

Not all items have the Classic Fitted size. So, check out each item’s DEMO before purchasing.



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  1. Can agree with you that it get harder and harder to find interesting things to blog about. Partly, I think it’s because “everyone” is so fascinated by the new graphics that they compete to build beautiful sceneries and forget filling sim with active content

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